7 Best Healthcare Apps Worth A Look In 2021

A high-quality and HIPAA-compliant medical software allows you to receive medical assistance remotely, simplifies life, and helps you control and monitor your health more effectively or have a medical consultancy online. 

With high growth in digitalization across the world, there are more and more such solutions as apps for professionals, doctor appointment app development, telehealth, prescription apps, or medical record apps are in high demand today. If you are interested in launching a business in this niche, it’s time to start.

Why Do We Need Healthcare Apps

The great value of mobile healthcare applications lies in improving patient care. Mobile apps allow doctors to monitor patient’s health, even if they are far away (for example, going on a business trip out of town, you will still be in touch with the doctor). Doctors can help patients without a personal visit, which saves time and allows patients not to waste energy on visiting the clinic, but on recovery.

The world is full of dangers, and viruses are one of them. The best way to avoid the massive spread of viral infections is to ensure that you can consult with doctors without visiting medical facilities. Mobile apps are ideal for this task.

Covid-19 Pandemic Accelerated The Development Of The Niche

The pandemic has stretched countries to their limits and exposed gaps that have too often been obscured. As of May 2021, we are not on track to meet any of WHO’s Triple Billion targets, and COVID-19 threatens to throw us further off track.

Although the global healthcare and mortality rate shows exponential growth, the global healthcare information technology market is estimated to grow from $94.5 billion in 2021 to $172.3 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8% during the forecast period of 2021-2026.

Health information technology (health IT) refers to the computer systems that healthcare professionals – and, increasingly, individuals – used to store, share and analyze health data.

7 Best Healthcare Apps To Be Inspired By In 2021

Building a medical startup requires a detailed analysis of ideas, trends, and milestones. Here will talk about the most important nuances that will help make the path shorter and more accessible.

Main Functions of Any Healthcare Application:

  • Get consultation for a wide range of health issues
  • Request a consultation and get a call within 24 hours
  • Talk to a doctor
  • Get prescriptions
  • Create and update your medical history

№1: GENERIS: DNA & Nutrition App

Diabetes is today a common ailment. Everyone knows someone or the other suffering from this disease and the excruciating struggles one encounters if they run out of glucose tabs or test strips. Generis: DNA & Nutrition, a crowdsourced safety net for people struggling with Diabetes, is one mobile healthcare app for patients that need to be downloaded or recommended. 

DNA & Nutrition connects its users to nearby app users who might offer required supplies or even help with a blood test or an injection. Healthcare also provides community advice and support in its forums.

№2: Embleema

This is an American platform that has no analogs in the world. Embleema is an interoperable blockchain network with America’s insurance system that allows patients to share their medical data with researchers. What is unique about this application? Patients who provide data are paid in cryptocurrency, and the researchers have at their disposal a vast data bank based on which new drugs will be created. Thus, both users and researchers are in the black.

№3: Teladoc

The app allows access to a doctor by connecting its users with the right certified doctor or surgeon, including a neurologist or a radiologist.

The fee charged varies as they set their rates. It usually takes 24 hours or less to set up an appointment and then takes place on the online platform via video call.

Teladoc – 24/7 access to a doctor also serves as an alternative for users to seek a second opinion. If your health plan does not provide all the telehealth benefits you need, and you’re sick of draining your health savings account, The app is not only access to a doctor but a go-to healthcare app for patients.

№4: Qare

This app is an excellent example of how French developers care for the French diaspora in other countries. Qare helps French residents find healthcare professionals not only in France but also in London. The platform includes an exclusive network of French-speaking doctors. It is one of the first telemedicine applications to provide such a service.

№5: BenevolentAI

“We represent a world in which no disease is left untreated” is one of the mottos of the US-based company BenevolentAI. Their app combines medication and artificial intelligence. The main goal of this startup is to find treatments for currently incurable diseases: glioblastoma, Parkinson’s disease, and others.

№6: K Health

Another example of the successful use of artificial intelligence. The free K Health app uses machine learning algorithms to analyze anonymous medical records from patients. The user can share their symptoms, and the system will offer a list of possible diagnoses. At the same time, the application reminds us that self-medication can be dangerous, and it is worth contacting a specialized institution to confirm the diagnosis.

№7: MindMaze

The international brainchild of two companies located in Europe and the USA. MindMaze is a platform that provides virtual reality neurorehabilitation programs for people with brain injuries and mental illness.


The development of a medical application is a process in which many specialists are involved. This is not only a development team but also business consultants, medical professionals, and marketers. Only joint work and understanding of the goal that needs to be achieved will help create a high-quality and demanded product.

We will help you develop a first-class medical application that will attract the attention of both doctors and patients. To successfully solve this problem, we need a detailed list of requirements and your willingness to cooperate. But if we act with speed and scale, we can and will get back on track. Countries are ready to invest in their data and health information systems. The impact of health on all aspects of society – from economic activity to social and environmental factors – has never been clearer.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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