6 Tips to Properly Organize Photos on Your Smartphone

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Today, there are over 5 billion unique mobile phone users in the world. And out of these 5 billion, over half of them are smartphone users.

Are you one of these smartphone users? Then you’re probably wondering about how to better utilize your device. For example, you probably have tons of pictures, but aren’t sure how to get through them all in an efficient manner.

Not to worry, as we’re here to help. Here are 6 tips to organize photos on your smartphone for a better time!

1. Trim the Fat

Open up the Gallery app on your phone right now. Take a good look: do you really need to keep all 10 selfies that you took to try and get the perfect one? Do you really need 10 different angles of the bagel you had for breakfast?

Chances are, you don’t.

Take some time to sit down and delete all those unnecessary images. If you took multiple photos of 1 instance, narrow it down to just 1 photo, 2 max.

When you’re done, you’ll find that your Gallery folder is a lot skinnier afterward. It’ll make it that much easier to organize all your photos.

Remember to keep trimming the fat regularly as time goes by. That way, you won’t have to spend as much time on this task as you initially did in the beginning.

2. Make Albums

Did you know that you can make albums for the photos on your phone? In general, smartphones of all operating systems will organize your images automatically by date and time. The most recent pictures will be on the top and as you scroll down, the pictures will go further and further back in time.

If you don’t want all your photos to be in one giant folder, you can always make separate albums. For instance, one can be for your pets, another can be for food, and another can be for your outings.

All you have to do is select the pictures you want and then click on the option for creating a new album. You can then name it to better find it in the future.

When you take pictures later on, you can always through those into the designated folders to keep everything nice and neat.

3. Save Your Favorites

With iPhones, you can save all your favorite photos into 1 album with a quick tap.

When you’re viewing your images, you’ll notice an empty heart in the left-bottom corner. If you really love one of your photos and want to keep it somewhere easily accessible, tap on that heart and it’ll become filled in. This means you’ve saved it to your Favorites album.

Now you can navigate to your Favorites album to view a curated folder of all your most treasured memories.

4. Explore Your Phone’s Features

Both Apple and Android smartphones will have their own features that allow you to organize your photos much easier. This is done through their AI technology, which works to take work off your hands.

For example, on Androids, if you have GPS turned on, your phone will automatically put together all your images from a trip and even sort them by day. You can also look at the photos in a timeline view.

They’ll also create specific albums for you, such as ones that are solely selfies based on face recognition technology. Other albums include screenshots and movies.

So make sure you explore your phone’s features in-depth. You’re more than likely to find ones that will save lots of manual work!

5. Know How to Recover Deleted Photos

While you’re going through your phone and doing things like rearranging and deleting photos, you might speed through this process. With hundreds of images, this process can get tedious after all, and you want to make it go quicker.

But all it takes is a slip of the finger, plus some unattentiveness, and the next thing you know, your favorite photos have disappeared! You must have accidentally deleted them!

Fortunately, there are ways to fix anything your butterfingers have done. You can always recover deleted photos, whether you’re on an Apple or Android device. Most photos are saved onto your cloud account, so just log in and find the images you’ve mistakenly erased.

6. Back up Your Photos

On that note, you’ll always want to back your photos on another device. Most people will upload their images onto their computers and/or external hard drives. That way, you’ll have a copy of your most treasured pictures on your computer.

Should anything happen to your phone, you won’t feel devastated, as your photos will be safe at home. For this reason, you need to back up your photos on a regular basis. If you take lots of pictures during the week, perhaps pencil in some time at the end of the week to back up all the prior days’ images on another device and/or the cloud.

Once you’ve done this, you can then delete the photos on your phone so it’s not as cluttered.

Organize Photos on Your Phone Better by Following These Tips

Now you have several tips on how to organize photos on your smartphone. So why don’t you give them a try now? You’ll find that these tips will help immensely in helping you find and file away all your images.

Also, always make sure you back up your pictures whenever you can. You never know if anything might happen to your phone; it might get lost or stolen. You don’t want to lose those precious memories, so don’t fail to back up your files!

Was this blog post on organizing photos useful? Then make sure you check out our other articles too!

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