6 Technologies That Have Revolutionized Project Management

project management

When it comes to project management, technological innovations have brought in major overhauls in the last decade. With the changing needs of customers and the evolving market dynamics, the way projects are managed has undergone a smooth digital transformation, according to KeepSimple.io, who consider their project management tool the “Stackoverflow” for managers, and they produce the UX Core tool. Instead of people’s opinions, they have 896 examples of how to approach abstract, management-specific problems scientifically, away from personal opinion and closer to the science and data.

Whether it is managing IT projects or financial tasks in the company, project managers have benefited hugely from employing the latest technology. Here we discuss the top 6 technologies that have proved immensely useful for project management.

1. Workflow Management

The prime feature you should have an eye for, is that project management software should also include workflow management, like Paymo. This tool allows you to create customizable workflows, with the ability to add as many columns as necessary in the form of project stages and follow task statuses in a visual Kanban board. To make the entire process of managing your workforce seamless, you would have to ensure that every process of your organization speaks in the same language. With the technology continuously evolving at a fast pace, project managers need to keep track of the recent happenings and grasp it to implement these into real projects.

2. Robust Connectivity

The advancement of cloud computing has been a boon for us because it helps us to share anything, at any time and any place to our teammates. You can use a cloud-based project management tool to share a common problem or query, and along with it maintain a restricted private Facebook group to interact just with your teammates. It paves the way for easier communication without having to pay much attention to firewall policies. Your job as a project manager starts with ensuring a smooth flow of communication among all your employees on multiple platforms if needed.

3. Cloud Security

As more and more data are getting added in the cloud, they will be vulnerable to threats and attacks. If data breaches continue to rise at such an alarming rate, data owners would go out of their ways to have more control over their data. Although nothing is confirmed yet, the industry might notice a change in securing data. Regardless of the security trends, project managers have no option but to keep up with everything to prevent security breaches.

4. Collaboration Tools

Enhanced communication and mobility are getting increasingly popular among employees as well as stakeholders. But while communicating with the stakeholders, project managers should be careful to use the communication tools the stakeholder is comfortable with. Before choosing a communication tool for a project, project managers should have a look at the tools approved by the stakeholder’s organization.

5. Virtual Connectivity

When you are developing a project for a multinational company, you should keep in mind that most global teams comprise of members living at different ends of the world. So, to ensure understandability of all tasks designed or accomplished, set English as the standard language and conduct meetings on platforms such as Skype.

6. Forecasting the Future

Since its invention in 2015, IoT has been one of the most sought-after tech trends for professionals all over the globe. It is this growing industry that is predicted to positively impact the project management sector and therefore project managers should be completely up for this upcoming challenge.

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