6 Reasons to Try Coolsculpting in NYC

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Few treatments out there can match the benefits of fat freezing. One of the most popular fat freezing treatments is Coolsculpting, which as the name implies, sculpts the body through the use of cold temperatures. 

While there are plenty of diverse fat reduction treatments out there, Coolsculpting is truly unique as it utilizes fat freezing technology. The concept of burning fat using the cold may seem somewhat alien at first, but with a little bit of research, you will find that the treatment makes a lot of sense and it is a great way to reduce fat without having to harm the body or skin in any way.

1. No Cuts, No Injections

One of the main advantages of Coolsculpting is how it is a non-invasive procedure. Cosmetic treatments are all performed differently. Some cause more damage to the body than others. This depends on the methodology and the kind of equipment that is being used. CoolSculpting utilizes special applicators which are placed on the treated area of the body. These have little metal pads on them which get really cold and expose the treated area to temperatures of 12° Fahrenheit or -11° Celsius

The procedure requires no cuts or injections whatsoever. CoolSculpting is performed entirely on the outside of the body and does not damage the body in any way.

2. It’s Painless

Another advantage to it being non-invasive, is that the CoolSculpting procedures are generally painless. Even saying “generally” is a bit extra, considering that the only discomfort you will feel throughout the procedure is the cold metal pad pressed against the skin. While it is an uncomfortable sensation to have freezing temperatures on your skin, one would not classify this sensation as “pain”. 

As you probably noticed having spent hours out in the cold, is that the skin is naturally able to adapt to the temperatures around it. This means that after a few minutes, usually around 10, the skin will get used to the cold and naturally go numb. This numbness prevents you from feeling any of the cold from that point on, making the procedure pretty much sensationless. For better or for worse, this numbness keeps you from feeling any discomfort throughout the procedure, making it virtually painless.

3. The Procedures are Fast

Another advantage to the CoolSculpting procedures is how fast they are. Some cosmetic treatments out there will require you to stay at the clinic for over an hour as various injections or incisions are made. Since CoolSculpting only utilizes applicators which are placed on the body, without the need for any injections or incisions, the procedure will take 40 to 50 minutes to complete.

Throughout this time, you can sit back and enjoy yourself while the applicators work their magic. Read a book, watch TV, chat with your friends, or just relax for a bit. It’s a very casual procedure and it goes by super fast when you find ways to entertain yourself. Once the treatment is over, you can simply get up and leave. Other than a bit of aching, there is really nothing stopping you from resuming your daily routine once the procedure has finished.

4. Results Can Last a Lifetime

This sounds a little too good to be true, but it is. CoolSculpting results can last you an entire lifetime if you know how to take care of your body after the treatment has done its part. What CoolSculpting does, is it gets rid of excess layers of fat that have congregated in different areas of your body. Once those fat cells have been destroyed, they cannot return unless you create the opportunity for them to do so.

After the treatment, if you return to your old unhealthy habits of eating junk food or not being physically active, the fat will return at some point. But if you can find the determination after the treatment itself to uphold a healthy diet and regularly exercise, the results of the CoolSculpting treatment will last you as long as you can keep it going. This means with one treatment of CoolSculpting, you can be set for life with a body you can be proud of.

5. It Works Anywhere

There are a wide range of areas on the body that you can treat with coolsculpting, there are a few things that restrict the use of fat freeze in a particular area, like skin sensitivity. Some people have skin that is more sensitive to the cold. However, in most cases, CoolSculpting can be used on different parts of the body, depending on what you want to treat.

A few of the most popular treatment areas include but are certainly not limited to the waist, hips, stomach, back, and thighs. There are other areas of the body you can treat which are more specific and depend on the kind of results that you’re looking for. Make sure to discuss what areas of the body you wish to treat with the practitioner. Let them know exactly what you want to see from the results and they will be able to help you in determining what needs or doesn’t need to be treated.

6. Few to No Side Effects

Going back to the procedure; considering how it is non-invasive and causes little to no damage to the body, there is another major advantage to this. Most, if not all, cosmetic treatments come with their own side effects. These side effects are caused by the body reacting to whatever compound is being injected or whatever incision is being made.

Since CoolSculpting is not invasive, without any compound being injected or a part of the skin being damaged, the risks of side effects are slimmer. Most patients who go through CoolSculpting report not experiencing any side effects and go back to their daily routine immediately following the procedure. Some treatments out there have overly-complicated post-treatment recovery periods, where they are required to avoid certain things, physical actions, sometimes even being prescribed medication. Coolsculpting doesn’t need any of this and will not ask much of you for recovery. Just a bit of patience as the results set in and avoiding the habits which caused the fat buildup in the first place.

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