6 Reasons To Hire A Managed Network Services Provider

While managed services have been around for over two decades, several businesses are now adopting them due to their cost, scale, and availability. Hiring a managed network services provider helps manage some or all of the customer’s network infrastructure. This ranges from the design and implementation to the support, maintenance, and availability of various network infrastructure components.

That said, here are the top six reasons why enterprises outsource managed network services to Apcela.

Bridge In-House Network Management Skills Gaps

Modern businesses require diverse network management skills to perform various functions and meet customer needs. However, hiring and retaining employees equipped with specialized network engineering skills can be challenging. These include allocating several hours and resources to recruiting rather than spending them on core business operations and promoting products or services.

Hiring a reputable managed network services provider helps address these challenges and ensures enterprises access uninterrupted network solutions. From network and security engineering to field support and help desk support, managed network service providers can deploy their teams across different network aspects. As a result, it ensures seamless business operations by handling all network needs, such as hiring, retaining, and motivating a team of network engineers with diverse skill sets.

Address Network Cost Reduction Challenges

Most businesses consider technology and automation growth drivers, as well as crucial tools for cost optimization. Among the most effective ways to optimize network management costs is by leveraging multi-functional network solutions. However, the approach requires specialized skills beyond in-house programs and available IT teams.

In addition, enterprises without adequate infrastructure or scale to negotiate ideal contracts with vendors often experience degraded network performance or growing security vulnerabilities. These instances can result in endless downtime, impacting sales and customer experiences. With a managed network services provider, it can be easier to address network cost reduction challenges.

Apcela has considerable leverage and purchase capabilities with equipment manufacturers due to large orders to serve several customer projects. This leads to lower technology spend, especially with a flat-rate billing program for standard monitoring and maintenance. A managed network services provider can also optimize costs and develop a financial plan tailored to each customer’s capital expenditure. These practices help simplify IT operations while reducing technology and network solution costs.

Resolve Network Challenges in a Multi-Vendor Setup

With network technologies becoming more intricate, it can be difficult for enterprises to integrate a sophisticated network connectivity backbone. Besides, networks often include a mix of components from different hardware, software, and bandwidth providers. Keeping up with these instances and achieving optimal performance would require the assistance of third parties.

Hiring a reliable managed network services provider helps ensure an enterprise gets simplified network technology from a single point of contact. It eliminates the need for managing tens of SLAs across vendors, especially for businesses seeking sophisticated network solutions. For example, a typical retail store can outsource various devices, applications, and programs to a particular provider rather than purchase these services from different vendors.

Broader Geographical Reach and Access to Partners

Financial services, retail chains, and restaurant franchisees often manage multiple premises or branches across different geographical areas. As most multi-location businesses continue to expand, depending on internal operations and skill sets to manage network solutions can take time and effort. It is also impractical for internal network engineers to access all branches nationwide or internationally to design, implement, secure, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot network issues.

Working with a managed network services provider helps prioritize core business functions by outsourcing network operations at branch locations. This is possible because reputable managed network service providers like Apcela have extensive relationships and partnerships with trustworthy network carriers, network software vendors, and hardware OEMs. As such, it is easier to address large-scale network issues for enterprises or brands with hundreds of branches in different locations.

Mitigate Network Security Threats and Compliance Challenges

Network technologies often face numerous security threats, especially growing network complexities and associated security issues. Similarly, enterprises must comply with various regulations to ensure network and data safety within their premises. However, due to system complexity and compliance failures, most businesses experience security breaches that affect their operations.

Managed network service providers incorporate sophisticated tools and techniques to address complex network security challenges and meet enterprise compliance requirements. Some specialize in designing network solutions focused on industry-specific compliance regulations and other security requirements. As a business, it becomes easier to meet these needs while averting potential security threats that can result in business closure.

Flexibility to Achieve Business Transformation

Modern businesses need to adapt to shifting consumer expectations by transforming operations, especially in consumer-facing industries like retail and restaurants. For example, technology continues to revolutionize online and physical retail. This demands swift change and innovation to meet customer needs. Introducing network technologies that facilitate larger online transaction volumes can help address these changing situations.

However, these upgrades and transformations can overwhelm an internal IT department due to a lack of skills, human resources, and tools necessary for complex projects across multiple locations. Hiring a managed network service provider can help address challenges linked to changing technologies, prevent downtimes, enhance the customer experience, and troubleshoot emerging issues. Outsourcing network services also helps keep an in-house team focused on the IT transformation plan rather than investing their time in acquiring new skills and upgrading their systems.

Importance of Hiring a Managed Services Provider

Apcela offers various managed services that enable organizations to lower the total cost of IT management and reduce system downtime. It also ensures regular monitoring and management of technology systems, including reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions. The intent is to integrate preventive and timely maintenance on technological systems, improve security, and promote overall business operations.

Bottom Line

With organizations adopting new business models and embracing digital transformation, there is a need for integrating complex solutions. This helps address various challenges, making outsourcing different managed services to trusted providers necessary. Above are some top reasons to consider hiring a managed network service provider and gain considerable competitive advantages like maximizing ROI, validating emerging technologies, and building a lean and agile IT team. 

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