6 Most Common Male Sex Problems & Their Solutions

In our western societies, we are so very advanced in many aspects of life. Technology has changed our homes and our working lives, we have advanced scientific knowledge of how exercise and diet affect us and know how to use this knowledge to increase our quality of life and increase our lifespan as well. We also are more likely to be aware of mental health issues and seek help for depression and any other psychological problems we might face. But one area we are still shy and reluctant to be open around is the issue of male sexual problems. Often, as men, we are held back by male pride and feel that discussing any issue shows us as weak males. This could not be further from the truth as there is no shame in seeking help for any medical issue. So here are 6 of the most common male sexual problems and their solutions.

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Why not jump in and start with the biggie, erectile dysfunction or impotence. So if we cannot achieve an erection we feel that we are not performing or pulling through for our partners. But this is a common issue, especially as we get older. There are plenty of options in seeking to solve this issue, drugs such as the extremely well known Viagra have been on the market for decades now and there are some even more innovative solutions like an erection-boosting condom. The cause can also be psychological as well as physical and can be exacerbated by an overreliance on erectile dysfunction medication. When dealing with psychological causes of erectile dysfunction you may do better to visit a good therapist.


Infertility is where a person is biologically unable to have children and although the term is gender-neutral in men it means the inability to father a child. The causes of male fertility can be from a wide range of sources and this is why it can be tricky and time-consuming to accurately diagnose the issue. One of the most common reasons is low sperm count which is fairly self-explanatory but why do we have low sperm count? This can be another range of reasons, such as being overweight or obese, lack of exercise, tobacco, drug or alcohol misuse. For any of these reasons the first thing to try is a lifestyle change and then have your count re-tested. If this has not wielded any results and the count is still low then there are other things to look into, it could be the result of an infection and once treated the count could go back up. But in rare cases you may need to have a surgical intervention, if you have a varicocele which is a type of clot in the scrotum then surgery can correct this and allow a better chance of conception.

Penis Size Anxiety

Does size matter? Well, that’s the big (or small) question really, and it doesn’t have a simple answer. If we said it completely doesn’t and all of your partners are just as happy with large, small or medium then I’m sure you won’t believe me. However, if we get hung up on every single physical feature of ours being perfect then we’ll drive ourselves nuts with worry. Think about it this way are you expecting your partner to be physically perfect in every way? Well, unless you have unrealistic expectations then probably not, so why would they. But if you still are worried about your size there are ways of trying to improve what you have, try these devices and see if it makes a difference.

Male Sexual Jealousy

Jealousy is a natural part of life, isn’t it? We can all suffer from jealousy as we can always see those who are better at certain things than us and this can lead to jealousy. Put it this way, I’m unlikely to ever be as good at football as Tom Brady, or as rich, but being jealous of him will do me no good, and as far as I’m aware my partner never went out with him. But unrealistic thoughts aside from being jealous of our partner’s past partners or even current admirers can be a sexually debilitating thing. We can tend to imagine things we don’t know to be much worse than they are such as how we imagine our partner’s exes to be. In our mind, they can take the form of tall, handsome hunks who are expert lovers, but this is probably not nearly the case, and even if it were to be then it’s none of your business and you are their current choice and it’s important not to ruin the relationship with jealousy. If you are still struggling with this then sex therapy can help you work through some of these feelings.

Premature Ejaculation

Sometimes premature ejaculation is a subject that is a figure of fun. We see in countless jokes, stories, and movies that the ‘quick guy’ is the butt of the joke, such as in the nineties sitcom Friends when Chandler Bing declares, “It bodes well for me that speed impresses you”. But back in reality, it’s a real and stress-causing condition that can affect you and your partner, it is psychologically damaging and can either be a primary (life-long condition) or secondary (recently acquired) where it is a factor now but wasn’t in the past. The most common causes of this difficult to deal with the condition are often psychological or emotional and can include problems with earlier sexual relationships causing worry and anxiety over performance, and this clearly will only make that worse. Depression and lack of confidence are key in this kind of thing. It can also be a result of past sexual abuse or exploitation and in this case, it is part of a much wider problem and you should seek proper professional advice. It can also be due to biological factors such as abnormal hormone levels, inflammation, and infection of the prostate or urethra or other genetically inherited factors.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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