6 Creative Ways To Capture And Celebrate Childhood Milestones

Raising kids is one of the most rewarding things you can do in a lifetime. Sure, parenthood has its fair share of challenges too – from diary diapers to tantrums and more. But somehow it all dissolves when you share a smile, a giggle or a cuddle with your kids.

But they grow up so fast, and before you know it they’re in school and becoming more independent. That’s why it is a wise idea to cherish, capture and celebrate memories of your children’s childhoods. 

In this article, we’ll share six creative ways to capture childhood memories.

Do a Newborn Photoshoot

You’ll want to book a newborn photographer as soon as you’re back from the hospital. 

Why you may ask?

Well, your child will never be as small, precious and adorable as they are as a newborn. It is essential to capture some images of them when they are a newborn.

You will look back on this photoshoot and the images captured there with joy and nostalgia as your baby grows up into a big kid. 

After all, they’re only that small and gorgeous once. 

A Baby Journal

Keeping a baby journal or book is another way to capture memories from your kid’s early childhood.

You can write your thoughts, feelings, fears, joys and more in this journal. If you make a habit of writing in it once a week, for several years, you will have captured years’ worth of memories easily.

The great thing about this is you can share it with your child as they grow up and can read, which will give them an insight into your thoughts and emotions while raising them. This is something really special. 

Home Videos

Although the days of owning a separate video camera are long gone, thankfully we all own smartphones with high powered cameras installed in them.

Using your phone, you can make your very own home movies every day. This is a great way to capture those gorgeous, cute and sometimes hilarious home movies. 

Make sure that you use some cloud-based storage for these videos though, or back them up on a separate hard drive. The last thing you want is to lose your phone and have all your home videos lost.

Frame Your Kids’ Artwork

As your kids grow older, they will soon learn to paint, draw and write. They will be immensely proud of their creations, and one way you can show that you are just as proud is by framing and mounting their artwork on the wall.

This way, you’ll look back when they are grown up and remember those lovely moments when they brought home the art from school or kindergarten. 

Create Them an Email Account, and Email Them Memories 

Another creative way to capture childhood moments and memories is to create a free email account for your children.

Then, email them – sort of like the journal we mentioned before. But you can attach images, like family photos, or other memories. Then, once they are old enough, give them the password.

They can look through the years of memories you’ve shared via email, while you watch on smiling.

Create a Memory Jar

As you go about life with your kids and head out on outings and adventures, create a memory jar. After a nice day out, get everyone to write what they enjoyed about the day and put it in the jar.

Then, years later, open it up, read the memories together, and relive those precious moments. 

A Creative Conclusion

In this useful article, we’ve shared six creative ways to capture and celebrate childhood memories. Can you think of some more? Let us know!

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