6 Benefits of Using an Online Divorce Company When Going Through a Divorce

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In the times that we are living in, online divorce has become an easy way to end your marriage. With COVID-19 causing havoc worldwide, it’s better to stay indoors and file for a divorce where it’s safe. What are the benefits of using an online divorce company, you might ask?

Here are 6 reasons why choosing an online divorce company is a good idea.

  1. You can get divorced without leaving home.

This is one of the best things about getting an online divorce. You don’t have to leave your house. You can file for a divorce in the safety of your own home. So if you are stuck in quarantine, don’t worry, a Google search will help you find some of the best online divorce companies out there.  All you need to do is fill out a simple online questionnaire to see if you qualify. Those who have uncontested divorces usually will. You will also be asked if you know the location of your spouse and whether or not you have children. Once this has been done, your divorce papers will be sent to you via email. You can then follow what you need to do. The online divorce company will send you a step by step guide of what needs to be done.

You won’t need to take off work to see a lawyer, or even hire a babysitter, which means you will save money.

  1. Online divorce is cheap.

Another benefit of using an online divorce company is that it is much cheaper. Traditionally, divorce can cost up to $15,000 per couple, and this is without having to go to trial. If you had to go to court, your bill could easily cost up to $30,000 depending on how complicated your case is.

When you look at getting an online divorce though, the costs are much cheaper. On average an online annulment can cost between $139 – $500 for both couples. Another way in which you can save money with online divorce is that you can get an annulment without a lawyer. Some lawyers can charge up to $500 an hour, as you can imagine, this can add up really fast. With an online divorce, you can choose to have a lawyer look after your documentation to make sure all is okay. Most online services have a great customer care system that will also be able to help you with any questions that you might have. But read trustful online divorce reviews first. If you really do need legal advice, you will be charged a bit extra for a lawyer.

  1. You are in control.

With an online divorce, you are in control of when you would like to send your papers and collect your supporting documentation. You can save your documentation online and just log in when you’re ready to continue. This saves time. Imagine if you had a lawyer and you didn’t have all your documentation ready? You would have to cancel the appointment and then start over. With online divorce, everything is ready and waiting for you; when you are ready to carry on with the divorce process, you can do so. You also don’t have to wait for a lawyer to send you papers, which could take some time, or get back to you about a question. You are in charge of the entire process.

  1. Online divorce is fast.

Divorce over the internet is also fast. Within 24 – 48 hours you can get your divorce papers. If you go the traditional route it could take you a while before you get your papers because your lawyer might have a few clients that they might need to attend to. Besides that, most online divorces cases are finalized within a few months. Usually between 1 and 4 months.

  1. Save yourself from the emotional turmoil.

Divorce is really painful emotionally. Going to court, seeing a lawyer, and having your children see a judge or lawyer can all be very stressful. When it comes to online divorce, you can save yourself from emotional pain by making the process less stressful. You can stay home, you won’t need a lawyer, and you won’t need to prepare yourself for court. Keep your divorce uncontested if you can. This will save you a lot of stress.

  1. It’s hard to make a mistake.

If you use an online divorce company, it’s hard to make a mistake. As mentioned before, you will have step by step instructions on what needs to be done. You will be told exactly what supporting documents you need, and how to file your documentation. In some cases, the company you choose might even file your paperwork for you in court at an extra fee. If you have a DIY divorce, it can be easy to make a mistake because there is no one to guide you. With an online divorce, you will have an entire support team, who will offer you assistance at any time. This will speed up the process. Remember, if a mistake is made, then you might have to start the entire process all over again.

To recap, the Pros of online divorce are:

  • Affordable
  • Fast
  • Great customer assistance
  • It’s hard to make a mistake
  • You can file for a divorce without having to leave your home.

The Cons of online divorce is:

  • Can only be used for an uncontested divorce
  • You might need a lawyer in more complicated cases
  • There might be some scammers out there.

There are many benefits to getting an online divorce. Especially now during this hard time world wide. The internet has made so much possible for many people. Especially those stuck in quarantine.



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