5 Ways to Use Stickers to Organise Your Home

Img Source - Home Label Connection

With many of us spending more time at home due to the pandemic it’s more important than ever to make your home a tidy, functional place to be. It’s worth spending some time to get organised, and stickers can be a great way to help declutter and store your stuff in an accessible way. Here’s five ways to use stickers to help organise your home:

1. Storage boxes

Storage boxes are a great way to condense loose items and tidy them away. Attractive plastic, wooden and cardboard boxes are available from homeware stores such as IKEA in a range of colours and finishes. It can be a nightmare remembering what you’ve put in each box though, and you’ll often cause more disarray going through each box to find out! That’s why it’s worth labelling each box with it’s contents – you’ll save time later!

2. Shoes

Some of us have a shoe problem. Too many shoes, too little storage, and definitely no option to downscale! To help get a handle on the problem make sure you keep hold of the original shoe box – you can then take a photo of the shoes it contains and print it onto a sticker using your home printer. Stick it on the end of the box, and job done – your shoes can remain stacked neatly in their boxes, and you can always find the pair you want.

3. Herbs and spices

It’s great to have a range of herbs and spices on hand, but they come in an irritatingly wide variety of different sized pots and jars, which are untidy and difficult to store. To solve this, buy a bulk load of identical glass jars (there’s lots of options on online marketplaces like eBay) and print your own matching labels. Your herbs and spices will be neater, easier to store, and satisfying to use and replenish.

4.Shower products

Our bathrooms or shower rooms are often cluttered with a vast array of random hair, shower and body products, some of which take up valuable bathroom real estate but never get used. Make your bathroom a calmer, more zen place to be with smart glass dispensers for your bath and shower products. The bathroom is a moist place, so it’s best to approach a professional sticker printing company to print the labels for your dispensers, as they’ll be able to offer waterproof options. You can even match the design to the decor of your bathroom. It helps the planet as well, as many brands offer refills rather than replacement plastic containers.

5. Drawers

Apothecary cabinets are a great way of storing lots of small items as they have lots of small, easily accessible drawers. Make sure you label them though, or you’ll be opening every single drawer before you find what you want. Old school label makers are perfect for this thanks to their fun, retro vibe – a perfect finishing touch for your statement furniture piece.

There’s loads more creative ways you can use stickers to organise your home – use your imagination and have fun!



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