5 Unique Gifts for Christmas in Lockdown

items found in a Christmas hamper

While the idea of Christmas in lockdown may not be the jolliest, there is still much merry-making to be had. Not least in the form of the gifts best suited to lockdown that you will find below. 

Gift Hamper 

I can’t imagine anything more depressing than not being able to go out to get Christmas-favourite food and drinks to consume over the holidays. The good news is that you can prevent this situation from happening by gifting a hamper. 

In fact, you have two choices here to buy a hamper or to make one. Firstly if you buy a hamper, remember that you will be able to find ones that are Christmas themed. This means it will be stuffed full with Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, and all the treats you would expect come December 25th. Bought hampers also tend to look pretty spectacular when they arrive at the home of the person you are sending them to. Not to mention, you can order them without having to go out and about and break lockdown yourself. 

Of course, you may want to include an added personal touch by making up your own Christmas hamper. Although if you do remember to set aside just as much money for the postage as the contents! After all, Christmas treats don’t tend to be very lightweight, and the postage can quickly add up. 

Craft Kits

Anything that provides the possibility of entertainment during lockdown will be a well-received gift. To that end, craft kits such as needlework, rug making, soap making, or candle making may be just the ticket. The good news so that such kits tend to come with everything the recipient needs to create their crafts. They can be ordered online to make them a simple and effective lockdown choice. 

Snuggle Items

Whether you are cold because of the weather outside or feeling under the weather, having the right clothing and items to snuggle beneath can make all the difference. That is what makes them such excellent presents for a Christmas potentially spent in lockdown. 

In particular, fleece blankets are always a good shout, and you can get some pretty original and fun designs made up from sites like Etsy and Redbubble.com. Snuggle socks and slippers also make an excellent choice, and you can make your own for the person you are gifting to, or find a pair that will suit their style instead. 

Board Games

The lockdown boredom struggle is real people, and that is why anything that can help spice things up a bit makes an excellent gift for the Christmas season. Now you may be thinking that board games aren’t exciting at all, but that is where you’d be wrong. In fact, there is a vast range of modern games such as Bang!, Exploding Kittens, Mysterium, and Tokaido that are both innovative and a tremendous amount of fun to play. 

A Christmas Quiz Book

The gift of a Christmas quiz book can do wonders to liven up the atmosphere at the festive dinner table. They are also small and lightweight enough to easily send through the post. Of course, if you were feeling inclined, you could even create your own and give this as a gift instead for an extra special personal touch.

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