5 Types of Fanny Pack to Suit Your Needs

fanny packs

Fanny is a slang alternative for buttocks, the bag is worn around that area therefore, it is commonly called as fanny pack (see here). Ever since that 90’s staple, the fanny pack successfully made a comeback in mid-2018. The modern evolution of fanny pack has innovated the idea to the whole new level and they could be making a comeback ( https://www.theodysseyonline.com/fanny-pack-comeback)

From a walk to nearest store to travelling to Disneyland during vacations, a fanny pack can adjust for any event or outing. To adjust according to your requirement, there are multiple types of fanny packs, from barebones single-pocket packs to stylish leather bags. Since, the needs vary, there are various sizes, material and prices to check before picking the suitable one.

The present trend setter has evolved the concept of bum bags in a totally exceptional way. The stylists have modified the idea of waist bags to hold the maximum items while maintaining style with all sorts of outfits. This idea has helped fanny packs to receive great fervour. Following we have broad categories of the fanny pack types available to cater your distinct needs.

1) Make Travelling Easier

fanny pack for travelling

Fanny pack, even after going out of trend were a quite popular for elderly travellers, occasional tourists or professional athletes. To hold phone, wallet, passport and those extra bits and pieces- fanny packs were always the best option. However, with recent evolvement, fanny packs are designed to carry not only your everyday outing bits and pieces but also match according to your outfit to maintain your style. Generally, for travelling- large size with more than 1 pocket is an ideal choice. The material and design can further vary according to your taste. Fanny packs are even talked about on travel forums like this.

2) Carry More Items With Plus Size

carry extra stuff with fanny packs

With kids, there are plenty more than stuff required on hand than we can every imagine. Therefore, to provide enough room for all the stuff while travelling or camping or going to any function. These fanny pack comes with large comfortable belt to adjust around anyone easily, the awesome designs allow it go with any outfit for all genders. Therefore, anyone with kids, or having to hold several items can go for plus size fanny packs.

3) Make Hunting, Hiking More Adventurous With Tactical Waist Packs

Make Hunting, Hiking More Adventurous With Tactical Waist Packs

Tactical waist packs include characteristics like thick material, strong buckle while being light weight, durable and adjustable. They are small and spacious at the same time and have multiple extra pockets for additional functionality. They also provide These characteristics make them best for hiking, camping, military use etc.

4) Fashionable Fanny Packs to Bring a Unique Look for Events & Hangouts

Fashionable Fanny Packs to Bring a Unique Look for Events & Hangouts

If you want to be the highlight of event, with an outstanding outfit you also need an outstanding bag. The multiple shaped fanny packs with unique colours and design can complement your outfit in a unique way. This will not only comfortably allow you to carry random to-go items but also provide a stunning look.

5) Convenient Fanny Packs for Fitness Lovers

Convenient Fanny Packs for Fitness Lovers

To stop worrying about your gym accessories, investigate the large variety of gym fanny packs. For the active makes and females, gym fanny pack provides multiple pockets to hold towels, bands, water bottle with ease. They are compact but provide large compartment for various areas with interior organizers and zipper pockets. They are light-weight yet durable. But, people argue how to wear them ( https://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/natural-beauty-fashion/blogs/why-cant-we-get-fanny-pack-right)

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