5 Tips How to Choose a Metal Detector

Tips How to Choose a Metal Detector

Metal detecting hobby is becoming more and more popular, and this happens for a reason. This hobby can bring you lots of new emotions and experience. If you are just a beginner, you might have one very important question – how to choose the best metal detector. This YouTube video might help.

There are some useful tips on how to choose it. All depends on your experience and also on purposes – if you are going to travel with it or use it together with your children. You can check some reviews online, but usually, it happens that you do not know what metal detector to choose from the list of best-rated metal detectors. The choice might be easier if you check the website https://detecthistory.com/top-metal-detectors/ where the best metal detectors are already reviewed for you.

Main Tips on How to Choose a Metal Detector

New brands are becoming available very often, as the manufacturers want to get customer’s attention. The market offers today such a big range of different metal detectors that you might be lost in it. First of all, there are some specific types of metal detectors, such as:

  • metal detector for gold
  • metal detector for beach and underwater
  • metal detectors for coins
  • metal detectors for children
  • metal detectors for beginners

When choosing a metal detector, price should be the last thing you are going to deal with. Mostly the metal detectors of the same range have the same price. But here are the 5 main features you should pay your attention to.

1. Brand

There are few brands that are currently leaders on the market. All of them offer to their existing and potential customers metal detectors of high quality. The leaders on the nowadays market are the following Bounty Hunter, Garrett ACE, Treasure Commander, Fisher F4, Minelab X, White’s Coinmaster Pro, and Tesoro Cibola. We highly recommend to choose one of these brands, but make sure that the brand is no the only thing you will pay attention to.

2. Application

If you are going to use your metal detector often or even travel with it, be sure that the item you choose will be sturdy and reliable, so you can use it without any technical issues wherever you take it.

3. Location

It is also important to consider the place of usage. If you are purchasing a metal detector for traveling, you need to know that metal detectors work in a different way with different surfaces. For instance, if you are going to travel to the beach or even dive with your metal detector, the model you are going to purchase should be suitable for sand and also has waterproof features.

Image – https://metaldetectorlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/best_kids_metal_detector-1-788×491.jpg

4. Who Will Use It

There are some metal detectors for beginners or also for kids. If you are already a professional that has already been enjoying a metal detecting hobby for several years, you will need another type of device that is more suitable for your needs.

Image Source – https://www.aysumetal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/metal-detectors-for-sale.jpg

5. Features

If you are a beginner or not, traveler or not, there still might be some metal detector features that you should pay attention to, according to your needs. There are a variety of features that different companies offer, but these should be the main when you choose the metal detector: the Pinpoint Mode, Target ID segments, the Discrimination settings, the custom notching settings, the type of coils, and the detection depth

There are a lot of different other features that you might focus on. For example, the metal detector also should be comfortable and not so heavy for you. Otherwise, your shoulders and neck will get tired very quickly and you will not enjoy it as much as you could. Also the headphones should be of high quality so they block all outside noises and you can hear the signal well.

Some detectors are more expensive, some are cheaper, however the upscale devices also have a lot of features that can be customized. But remember that high quality device is only 50% of your success, when another 50% depends on your skills, experience and also on the particular circumstances of the search. And both new brands and some older ones can bring you great metal detecting experience.

For more ideas for buying the best metal detector, check out https://www.lifewire.com/best-metal-detectors-4134959.

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