5 Tips for Choosing a House Removals Company in Milton Keynes

If you are planning to hire a house removal company, it is important to have knowledge of the whole process in advance. Having knowledge beforehand can save you from a bad experience when moving home. This article points out the key tips that you should remember while hiring a removal company in Milton Keynes, such as miltonkeynesmanandvan.com (removals Milton Keynes).

Compare Services and Quotes for Different Companies

Whilst finding the best removal company, do not just pick the first company during your research. You need to compare the services, quotes, and reliability of different removal companies to decide which one is the most suitable. This may take time, but the extra time you spend here could save you time further on in the process.

Many removal companies have websites nowadays. Explore different websites and check the details for each. Compare the information about each removal service, and then choose the company that you think looks the most reliable and meets your needs best.

Let the Company Conduct a Pre-Move Survey

By allowing a pre-move survey to be carried out, the company will be able to better assess the number of workers they would need to manage the move, and the work that will be needed. They will also figure out the amount of time they would need to complete the work. During the pre-move survey, you will get a chance to check how professional and knowledgeable the people you are planning to hire are.

Ask for the Total Expected Cost Beforehand

Different factors will determine the total cost for each removal. The common factors that decide the overall price include the number of workers, distance to be traveled, size of the house, etc. If the removal company has conducted a pre-move survey, it will be easier for them to give an estimated quote.

If they could not visit to conduct the pre-move survey, then provide all of the detail to the removal company, so that they can give you a quote. Give them every detail possible without hiding things like the stairs being narrow, or boxes are needed, or packing is needed.

Send a Briefing List

After choosing a house removal company in Milton Keynes, create a briefing list with all the information you want to provide regarding the placement and movement of goods. Include the following points in this briefing list…

  • Mention any sensitive and special goods that need extra protection during the move.
  • List the heavy items that are difficult to move.
  • Mention the carpets and curtains that you are planning to take.
  • Talk about the items that you are planning to take by yourself.
  • List the items that need to be dismantled, such as the bed, and wardrobe, etc.
  • Provide a floor map of the new home, so the removal company can place goods in the right room while unloading them.

The Level of Insurance Offered

Many house removal companies in Milton Keynes provide protection with different insurance plans. Check whether the company you have chosen provides such plans or not. Ask the management what will happen if something gets damaged, or a move gets delayed. Also, find which items are covered in the insurance, and for how long the insurance is valid for.



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