5 Reasons to Use a Driveway Alarm

Reasons to Use a Driveway Alarm

Security is something that needs to be highly customized. Not every property has the same type of risk from intruders. In a crowded situation such as a strip mall or apartment building, protection must be focused on the immediate area. In a more open situation, such as on a farm or in an industrial park, there is a larger area of concern, and it is beneficial to become familiar with some of the options seen on http://propertyguardmaster.com/.

One of the best tools to use in a more open area is a driveway alarm. These handy systems can detect movement far away from the home, office, or other building, notifying you of a potential problem. Some of the best models are reviewed at https://propertyguardmaster.com/best-driveway-alarm-reviewed/. Before you choose a model, think about some of these five benefits of using such a system.

Focused Monitoring

There are plenty of motion-activated security devices on the market, but they are too broad in their areas of operation for certain situations. Property owners with pets, livestock, or even large trees may receive frequent false activations. Before too long, they tire of the lights crying wolf, and they end up disconnecting the device.

Driveway alarms are more targeted. Instead of getting tripped by every little movement, driveway alarms monitor the high-risk area on and around the driveway. This is perfect for a fenced property, but it is helpful for any type of location. Your false alarms are cut to almost zero, ensuring that there is a good reason for your alarm to activate.

Early Warning

One of the most powerful tools in security is time. The more advance notice you have about a problem, the better your chances of dealing with it. Driveway alarms are an excellent option for giving you the greatest possible lead time for dealing with an intruder of any kind.

Alarms on doors and windows provide considerably more lead time than motion detectors used indoors, for example, but it is still possible to get even more lead time than that. A home or business located some distance off its street or road can get a much earlier warning by using a driveway alarm. These devices notify occupants when potential intruders drive or walk into the area.

A Heads-Up About Visitors

Not every visitor is unwanted. Driveway alarms do a great job of notifying you about people who aren’t supposed to be there, but not everyone who will trigger your driveway alarm is an intruder. There are visitors, delivery drivers, and even your kids arriving home from school to think about.

With a driveway alarm, which have many benefits, you’ll have time to unlock the door, put on some shoes, or simply get off the phone before they arrive. You’ll no longer need to hover by the window or door waiting for an important delivery to arrive. Instead, you just leave the alarm turned on and make sure to stay within its range as you go about other activities.

Discreet Security

Intruders typically know what security provisions to look for. Many homes and businesses that use alarms have signs posted to warn would-be thieves to stay away. This deterrent power is great, but it can also provide patient thieves with the opportunity to exploit the property owner’s overconfidence in the system.

Driveway alarms help by keeping intruders much further away from the property. There is no way for a burglar to “case out” the area when the driveway alarm may keep them dozens of yards away. This provides a distinct advantage over letting a criminal get within a few feet before you know anything about it.

Large Coverage Areas

Of course, it does no good to install just one driveway alarm when you may have multiple points of entry. It’s like locking the back door and leaving two windows open. A good security system must be able to span all the different potential areas where intruders may gain access.

The cost of installing separate systems at each entrance can really add up, so the best driveway alarms are capable of expanding to cover a number of different points with multiple sensors linked to the same alarm. With this setup, you can install an affordable, wide-ranging system that creates security advantages for you no matter which entrance may be compromised.

The traditional sensors on doors and windows remain valuable and effective techniques for alerting you to the presence of intruders, but there is some great technology on the market that will allow you to get much earlier notice of a threat to your property, family, or employees.

With a driveway alarm, you will know much more quickly that there is an issue, giving you time to take additional action. The seconds or minutes bought by a driveway alarm will let you lock doors, turn on lights, call 911, or take whatever steps are necessary to minimize the threat.

For reviews on different systems, check out https://www.angieslist.com/research/alarms-and-home-security-systems/.



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