5 Great Things to Do in Panama City

5 Great Things to Do in Panama City

There’s so much to do in Panama. If you have planned a trip to this amazing country, be prepared for the best experience ever! Your visit to Panama will be much different from other travel experiences for many reasons. Panama has so many breathtaking natural attractions, wonderful culture, amazing nightlife, and great activities. There really is something for everyone in Panama.

The Republic of Panama is one of the South American countries that has become famous for all the fun and adventure it has to offer tourists.

Little wonder why it is the one of the fastest growing destinations in 2019. Here are five great things to do in Panama City during your visit, as recommended by touristsecrets.com…

Visit the Panama City Canal

The canal in Panama draws thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, according to https://www.history.com/news/7-fascinating-facts-about-the-panama-canal. You can take a boat ride while listening to the amazing stories of the history of the canal and what it symbolises to the people in Panama.

Go Snorkelling On the Beach

You will have a great time exploring the beaches of Panama. It is possible to snorkell, kayak, or swim in the sea which is bustling with sealife ready to be explored. Oh, and don’t forget to sample the culture and delicious traditional food made and served by the locals at the beach.

Explore the San Blas Islands

Everyone who visits Panama looks forward to sailing the canal to the eastern part of the city where the San Blas Islands (see more info) are located. There’s so much to explore here, and the locals are very friendly. You will be dazzled by the deep green water and white sand beaches that make up the Islands. There are also hiking trails which are well worth doing. You may even spot the howler monkeys…

Visit Panama’s Historic Sites

The government in Panama has preserved many ancient parts of the city that represent its history. We would recommend a trip to the Iglesia Del Carmen, and the historic Church of Our Lady in Carmen. Or head out to see the Panama Viejo, which was built in the 15th century. There’s also the Fort of Portobello, where the ancient cannons used to repel attacks from Pirates still stand. A visit to the Embera Indian village (see this link) will take you back in time; everything in the village has been preserved as it was hundreds of years ago.

Get a Souvenir From the Paseo De Las Bovedas

This is an excellent place to find an amazing piece of art or a traditional Panama item to remember the city after your visit. The area is packed with shops that sell a variety of products for all tastes.



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