5 Exemplary Things Serbia Is Famous For In The World

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Serbia or the Republic of Serbia is a country in Central and Southeast Europe. This Balkan state is known for its beautiful culture, stunning women, great nature, and the natural wonders that will amaze you. Belgrade is the country’s capital, and you can also find the serene and pristine spa towns of the Vrnjacka Banja and Sokobanja.

Serbia has a great past, and you can find it an old soul, but you can find the best spirit brands in the region. Apart from this, Serbia has also given the world No. 1 Tennis Player Novak Djokovic. He has already won 10 Grand Slam titles and made his country proud. 

Serbians are fond of sports, so they even can gamble too for fun and entertainment. The online casino is accepted in the country, and players play at reputed casinos like casino.netbet.com. They try their hands-on Blackjack, virtual sports, sports, in-play games, poker, etc. 

Let us now give you a more sneak peek of the things Serbia is famous for.


As the French are known for their cheese and wine, Serbians are known for their brandy, namely Rakija. Slivovitza is a type of brandy prepared in the Serbian villages. The recipe for the drink is passed from one generation to another, known as the Queen of Serbian Brandies. People have it to cry, rejoice, laugh, eat, and also start their day. The alcohol content in this powerful brandy can range from 40% to 70% and is quite famous among tourists. You can take it along with water to work on its strong alcohol content.

Visit Colorful Belgrade

When in Serbia, do visit the colorful capital Belgrade. It is a mix of culture, art, and culinary treats. You can find everything in one place like the Kalemegdan Fortress, relaxing hotspots, bold street art, and the stunning Belgrade Waterfront. The Sava and the Danube rivers serve as the electrifying corner of the city.  From ancient cultural buildings to colorful café to restaurants to bars, you can find everything in one place.

Try Serbian Food

When in Serbia, eat how the Serbians eat. Food is mainly celebrated in the country, and you can find a rich array of food served on the table in the families. Serbs are rich in this matter, as they will put a large quantity of food on the table. It is necessary to take the meal you can eat and never keep even the slightest stuff on the platter. You can try the Komplet Lepinja, the flatbread bun served with gravy and dairy spread known as Kajmak. One can also try Bermet, Homoji Mountain Honey, Ajvar, Burek, Zimnica, and much more. 

Go To Exit Festival

Serbians are art and music lovers too. They celebrate the Exit Festival to mark the social movement started by students for Serbia’s democracy and freedom. It is ranked among the top 10 European festivals across the globe. It is one of the happening places for music and art lovers. It is held in Novi Sad and begins on the 2nd Thursday of July month. You can find music genres like Electronic Dance, Rock, Hip Hop, Bass, Drum, and famous DJs performing live.

Nikola Tesla

Well, Serbia is famous for giving the world the most significant inventor and innovator, Nikola Tesla. He invented neon signs, X-ray machines, and other functional diagnostic machines. Apart from that, he is known for inventing the radio, wireless communication, and remote controls. You can get access to his belongings in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

Lately, if you plan to explore a beautiful and colorful destination in Europe, then Serbia offers everything to you. Grab some drink and hail the Balkan soul!



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