5 Common Mistakes Made in Event Photography

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When you learn anything new, then you make mistakes, likely if you will start learning digital photography, then you can make mistakes. Here I will let you know the five most common mistakes at event photography and how to avoid them.

Missed Focus

When you allow the autofocus to your camera, then there is a high chance, then your focus will be on the wrong part of your image. There is a more chance of wrong focus when you will use the shallow depth of the field. To fix this problem is very important in this field. A most simple way to make sure that your focus is accurate that you should autofocus sport of your camera. At a time when you will focus on portraits and people in the event, then keep in mind that your focus should be in the eye of subjects. Here are missed focus avoidance tips – https://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/87861/how-do-i-diagnose-the-source-of-focus-problem-in-a-camera.

The Shaky Frame

Your photos will turn out to slightly unsharp and blurry due to the use of the slow speed of the shutter. Your camera shaking can reduce by it if you slow down the speed of your shutter. It is very necessary because continuous shaking of your camera will reduce the sharpness of the image. 

The best rule to avoid this kind of mistakes is that use the shutter speed that is equivalent to the focal length of the lens that you are using.

The Blown Exposure or the Buried

While you will shoot in the raw, then it will give you the lot of latitude for adjusting your exposure in the post-processing. The shadow will be discolored and grainy if your exposure will be dark. While if you have the bright exposure, then your highlight will be blown out.

When you have the high dynamic range with the dark shadows and the bright highlights, then the rule is you should underexpose little for preserving the details in highlights. This YouTube video at this link offers good tips.

Awkward Pose

Sometimes at the vent, many people feel awkward when you tell them to make a pose like this, and stand like this. Try to find many poses online and ask your subject with the basic guideline and in an encouraging way. Engage your subject with the friendly banter and the eye contact in this way your subject will feel fun with any pose.

Colors are Unrealistic or Too Strong

Strong and unrealistic colors are a fantastic and creative choice. There is a difference between poor color management and experience color management, which done purposely. The first thing that you need is a good monitor that is the color calibrated. Because if you don’t have this, then it means you are working on the image blindly.  You should click the naturally strong image. Find those subject that has bright colors and surrounded by the muted tones. Keep your pictures color natural it will show your professionalism. Don’t keep color too dark that look awkward and odd to your subject. These are some common mistakes that you can make at any photography event try to avoid them. If you live in Switzerland, hire the professional event photographer (https://www.bissig.ch/event-photography-in-zurich-zug-or-lucerne-switzerland)from these cities Zurich, Luzern, and Zug.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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