4K Display – The Hype Might be Overrated

4K television screen

When people talk about 4K, the expectation of clear and crisp picture comes into mind. Either 4K display on TV or computer monitor, “I can see everything now”, that’s one of the hype talk in 4K topic discuss.

In current age of technology, broadcasting and digitalization, resolution standards are of significant importance. In due course of time, the resolution standards have only improved. Before 2013, 1080p was dominating the gaming and web-developing world. Animations, pictures and videos were all displayed on 1080p screens. However, in 2013, 4K resolution came into the forefront, promising a higher-definition visual experience to the public. However, the 4K resolution screens weren’t precisely financially affordable for the general public to avail. But in the later stages, as more and more 4K models entered the limelight, their prices decreased drastically. And so, the revolution of high-definition gained momentum.

4K resolution or directly, 4K is a term used for the horizontal display resolution of about 4000 pixels. This provides sharper and more detailed visuals on the television and other broadcasting screens.

Several different 4K resolutions have been developed and are used quite extensively by various organizations. It is conjectured that the resolution provided by 4K is four times that of high-definition and approximately 20 times that of the resolution offered by standard-definition.

Apart from this, 4K provides better sharpness, color handling, image quality as well as a more elaborate cinematic experience. In recent years, even the price range for purchasing 4K resolution televisions have gone down which came as a huge surprise. Hence, it isn’t a shocker that 4K resolution has gained immense popularity. But there is a massive chunk of the population that considers 4K resolution as hype for various reasons. Unlike popular belief, 4K is suitable for everyone due to several factors. This article aims to shed light on some of these reasons.

Popularity and Influence of 4K Over the Gaming Society

Before the development of 4K, the gaming society was restricted to the 1080p gaming experience. But the development of 4K resolution in 2013 opened a whole different opportunity for people to experience gaming at a whole new level. However, surprisingly, the 1080p remains the standardized resolution for most gaming individuals.

Even though gamers jumped at the opportunity of experiencing a better graphic level, the availability of 4K monitors isn’t easy. As opposed to this, there is a vast list of 1080p models to choose from. 4K resolution uses large-sized monitors which again requires huge computational power and causes significant eye strain. For professional gamers, it may be a bigger problem to continue using 4K resolution screens.

As mentioned above, it is economically viable to buy a 1080p model rather than a substantial 4K monitor and pay additional GPU (Graphics processing unit) costs. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the gaming society is not as inclined towards 4k Monitors.

4K monitor generally comprises of a 24″ screen which makes it harder to read the text. Ideally, a 27″ inch screen is more preferred to get the best graphics experience which again isn’t an economically viable option for most gamers. Yet, it is essential to acknowledge the fact that for a gamer, buying a 4K monitor doesn’t just stop at that. It requires specialized hardware and upgrades with a risk that some games may not be compatible. The modern games may not have compatibility issues. The older games, however, are upscale to 4K level and may not have the proper assets for this upgrade.

1080p monitors are economically viable, easily available in the market and are accustomed to almost all the games available. Taking all these points into consideration, the gaming society is mostly sticking to the 1080p resolution even though, 4K has its advantages.

Popular and Well-Known 4K Models

In 2013, when 4K models first entered the limelight, the world was fascinated by the new resolution standards. However, the price range became a major hassle for the public. However, as the availability of such monitors and screens increased, the pricing significantly reduced. This played a significant role in increasing the popularity of 4K resolution.

Even though the number of 4K models available is not as significant as 1080p, there are quite a few models available in the market for gamers to choose from. Here are certain models that made a mark in the market-

  • Acer Predator XB273K is one of the affordable 4K monitors with a 27-inch screen and all the qualities that the X27 originally had, just with a lower price point. It provides exceptionally detailed pictures, efficient response timing and good HDR quality. The color quality provided is definitely worth a mention.
  • ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ is another 4K monitor with excellent qualities and efficiencies. But availing these efficiencies has a price to pay and hence, this particular model is slightly on the expensive side. The HDR-enabled 27-inch screen provides remarkable clarity and sharper images. The monitor provides enough USB ports and LED-display with a price that people won’t regret paying.

Is 4K Resolution a Necessity for Web-Developers?

As the popular understanding goes, web-developers are stuck in front of their monitors most of the time. Website development is an elaborate process, and the professional has to keep various factors in mind. This invariably makes the process of web-development time-consuming and tedious. Working in front of the computer screen for hours together can seriously take a toll on the eyes as well as cause severe headaches or migraines.

Unlike popular understanding, the resolution isn’t everything. The colour contrast and brightness are also of considerable importance. HD monitors can provide the same, if not better visual quality, as 4K monitors at a lower price point. Moreover, various 1080p monitors are available with a plethora of models to choose from. Even though the general costing of 4K monitors has reduced considerably, the affordable ones are still less in number.

Another problem with 4K monitors is the compatibility issue. If a web developer creates a website on a 4K-monitor, there might occur certain discrepancies while displaying the site on a lower resolution monitor that most people tend to use. The simple problem can again happen vice-versa.

A web-developer also tends to use several tools and software to create a website. Such devices require upgradations. It is often noticed that such upgradations are a costly affair when it comes to 4K monitors. Such miscellaneous expenditures again are not an economically viable option for web-developers, making it one of the reasons why 4K monitors are not a necessity.

So, web-developers don’t have to avail 4K monitors if the job can be done more efficiently on lower resolution monitors. Even though 4K monitors provide remarkable picture quality, web-developers tend to prioritize the price-range over resolution! For more info on necessity of 4K monitors for developer, read this.

1080p – Still a Better Alternative in the Technological World

After analyzing the various aspects of a 4K resolution, it is safe to say that such resolution monitors aren’t a dire necessity. 4K monitors provide remarkable picture quality, exceptional clarity as well as excellent sound. But the price range isn’t good enough to be called entirely “affordable”. Moreover, the number of affordable 4K models is less and may not provide the sound and picture quality that one may have hoped.

It is also noticed, especially when it comes to gamers that purchasing a 4K monitor doesn’t just stop at that. Adequate GPUs, hardware and upgradations also need to be purchased to get the exact high-definition experience.

Apart from the price-range, one massive issue that 4K monitors often face is an incompatibility. Although modern tools, software and games may be 4K-compatible, certain old ones may not have the assets to run correctly in such high-resolution. This diminishes the quality of the pictures displayed.

Considering all these factors, the 1080p resolution remains the more viable option, especially for gamers, web-developers, etc. Most of the games and software are accustomed to 1080p resolution. Such resolution monitors are readily available in the market with a wide variety of options to choose from. They are easily affordable and provide a considerably good picture and sound quality. The quality isn’t as good as 4K. But enough to satisfy gamers and web-developers.

Unlike 4K monitors, 1080p users do not face any compatibility issues or have to avail any extra GPUs to run the program. So, the miscellaneous costs are significant, toned down. All these reasons make 1080p, the sort after and popular resolution preference.

Conclusion – to 4K or not 4K? You Decide…

In the modern world, due to the advancement in the field of technology, resolution standards have also increased manifold. These days, higher-resolution standards dominate homes, offices, governmental buildings and various organizations. Though resolution may be one of the critical factors, there are numerous other factors to bear in mind, such as the purpose, the budget, the requirements, etc.

While 4K resolution provided a more exceptional picture quality and sound production, the costing and hardware requirements are sometimes too much to bear. While the debate continues whether 4K resolution is a necessity in the modern world or not, people continue to prefer 1080p resolution numerous reasons. These include a large number of models to choose from, affordable price-ranges, easy availability, lack of incompatibility issues and many more. All these still make 1080p a more preferred choice among the general public as well as the gaming community. Visit dezzain.com for more web developer work tips and guides.



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