4 Ways to Enhance Your Alertness

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Do you want to increase your creativity levels? Are you determined to remain focused on your daily tasks throughout the course of each working day? Would you love to get more out of your Monday mornings? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should make a conscious effort to enhance your alertness. Once you perform this all-important task, you’ll be sure to produce better work at a much quicker pace, which in turn will aid you in your bid to maximize your professional potential going forward.

Want to find four things you can do to enhance your alertness? If so, be sure to read on.

Exercise often

Exercising won’t just keep your body in shape — it’ll help to keep you alert as well. Physical activity releases endorphins within the brain and these chemicals get to work right away to make you feel happy and less stressed. Once your mood is lifted in this sense, your judgement won’t be clouded with worries and anxieties, which ultimately means you’ll find it easier to focus.

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Try fasting

If there are any specific periods of time in which you need to be extra alert (during week-long industry trade events, for example), you should seriously consider fasting. During periods of prolonged fasting, the body’s cortisol levels rise significantly. This then increases brain cell activity, which ramps up cognitive function, memory capacity, learning amplitude, and focus.

Play puzzles

What you do during your downtime will have a profound impact on your ability to remain alert at work. Quite simply, if you’re serious about increasing your alertness, you need to engage in break-time activities that actually make you think. 

There are plenty of different pastimes that you can pick up in this instance — puzzles being one of the very best. Playing puzzle games will keep your brain active in between work shifts/sessions, which will subsequently help you to hit the ground running whenever you return to your workstation.

Get plenty of sleep

When it comes to enhancing levels of alertness, the importance of a good night’s sleep can never be understated. Getting an ample amount of rest on a regular basis will clear your mind, make your memory sharper, and help you to make better decisions.

To improve your sleeping habits, it’s pivotal that you:

  • Increase your exposure to bright, natural light throughout the course of each day
  • Reduce your exposure to blue light as your bedtime draws closer
  • Cut-off your caffeine consumption at least 6 hours before you plan to go to bed
  • Avoid napping during the daytime
  • Get yourself into a regular sleep/wake cycle (this includes the weekends)
  • Optimize the temperature of your bedroom to ensure it’s neither too hot nor too cold

If you want to climb your chosen career ladder, it’s absolutely imperative that you enhance your alertness. The more alert you are on a day-to-day basis, the more likely you will be to optimize the tasks that you perform. Ultimately, this will help you to carve out a professional and hard-working reputation for yourself in your field.

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