4 Ways That Dental Issues Adversely Affect Your Career

Dental Issues at work

Many people tend to think of dental issues as being something that affects appearance. While that’s true, have you considered the idea that problems with your teeth are making it harder for you to advance your career? The fact is that those issues could be holding you back or at least leading to you choosing to not pursue all of your opportunities. If you think any of the following apply in your case, it’s time to get a consultation from a Vaughan dentist and see what can be done.

Your Teeth and Opportunities for Advancement

While skill, knowledge, and experience are always key to advancement, there are certain lines of work in which appearance matters too. This is especially true with careers that require spending a fair amount of time in front of clients. Of course your employer wants someone who exudes a sense of success. That includes being presentable in terms of dress, hairstyle and even the smile.

When your smile leaves something to be desired, work opportunities that would otherwise come your way may be just out of reach. Resolve those dental issues and the experience and abilities you bring to the table will no longer be hampered by bad teeth.

Bad Teeth and Choosing to Remain in the Background

Maybe it’s not the boss that passes you over because your teeth mar the appearance. Perhaps you are already doing enough of that yourself. Every time you take a look in the mirror, what you see leaves you with the conviction that there’s no point in trying to get a promotion. The result is that you remain in the same position long after it ceases to be fulfilling.

What you need to do is improve the look of your teeth. If an affordable and painless wisdom teeth removal coupled with wearing aligners for a year or so would leave you with a beautiful set of teeth, why not see the dentist and get started? Once this obstacle is out of your way, you’ll feel free to apply for any type of promotion that becomes available.

Reducing Your Ability to Establish Rapport in a Work Setting

Even if you are not in a line of work that involves meeting with clients, there are still coworkers to consider. It could be that your bad teeth make it a little more difficult to build rapport with those you work with every day. Part of it is that you never smile. Even when you do, it’s one of the tight-lipped variety. That’s not exactly conducive to building relationships with coworkers.

Have some work done on your teeth and it will be easier to relax and interact with your fellow employees. A lot of good can come out of that rapport. You may be asked to participate in more work projects or find yourself forging connections that make it easier for everyone to help each other out when things get hectic around the office. Even if you’re content to remain in the same position for several more years, good relations with your coworkers will make the time much more pleasant.

The Negative Impact on Your Confidence

Be honest with yourself: are your teeth making you feel a little less than everyone else? If so, it’s time to change that. Have whatever dental work done that’s needed to improve your self-image. As you become happier with what you see in the mirror, that will be reflected in the way that you act. You’ll be surprised at how you find it easier to speak up in meetings and contribute your thoughts when you feel good about yourself.

The bottom line is that your teeth do not have to hinder your work life or your attempt to advance your career. See a dental professional today and decide what procedures are right for you. Once the work is completed, you’ll begin to sense a difference a lot sooner than you expected.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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