4 Things You Should Pre-Arrange When Moving Home

Things You Should Pre-Arrange When Moving Home

Moving home is an exciting time! You have found the property of your dreams and cannot wait to move in. There are some important things you should arrange in advance to make things go as smoothly as possible.


Before agreeing on an entry date, it’s a good idea to make sure that a removal firm is available. They can get booked up pretty quickly so if you don’t book early you could find yourself with an agreed date and no means to have your belongings collected or delivered. Start packing non-essential items several weeks before you move. It can be overwhelming if you try and do everything in one go or at the last minute. Take your time and plan it properly. Give each box a number and keep a list of what is in each. When you move in you will know what needs to be unpacked immediately and what can be dealt with at a later date.

Energy Suppliers

Whilst you can’t switch energy suppliers until you own the property, you can do some homework as to what rates current suppliers are providing and whether they could be bettered. If you have oil heating and an oil tank on the premises, you will need to ensure that you have an adequate supply on your move-in date. Many owners will not top-up if they know they are moving out. Domestic oil suppliers like Beesley Fuels will visit the property and top up your tank with a pre-agreed amount of oil. It’s a good idea to agree to a regular top-up amount with them particularly during winter months. If your oil levels drop extremely low it can affect your boiler. 

Schools and Childcare

If you are relocating to a new area, research the schools that fall within the area catchment. You can check performance stats online to give you a good indication of every school’s overall performance. Once you find a home, check that there are spaces available in your school of choice. It may affect your house-buying decision so be sure to establish the position first. You will be required to complete some registration paperwork but it shouldn’t take too long to get confirmation that your child can attend. It is also wise to establish what childcare options are available. Many schools run breakfast and after school clubs. These can fill up quickly so check the availability of each. If they are at full capacity, you may need to arrange a childminder so researching in advance is very worthwhile. 

Let Everyone Know

In advance of your move-in date, make sure you have arranged a mail redirection. This will ensure that you will continue to receive mail to your new address during the transition period. Whilst many companies will not let you change an address until you move in, you can make an advance list of who you need to contact. Let family and friends know your new address and be sure to advise doctors, dentists and other public bodies who may need to know.

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