4 Things You May Not Know About Google Local Services Ads

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Google Local Services Ads provide businesses with an opportunity to generate more leads, and boost their revenue in the process, says Digitalbarketing.co.uk. This article will explain ad ranking factors, what happens when you pause a campaign, the costs involved, and much more to help you get the most out of Local Services Ads.

Google Local Services Ads

These are the pay-per-lead ads that you can use to connect with people looking for the services your business offers. These ads appear above the traditional ads, as well as above Google organic results, according to ElectricMarketingGroup.com. You have to pass a screening process in order to participate in Google Local Services Ads.

During the screening process, Google will check such things as your business licenses and background. The screening checks differ based on your business location and business type.

Ranking Factors for Google Local Services Ads  

There are certain factors that affect the placement of your ad within the ad unit. These factors include…

  • The number of customer reviews you have and their score
  • How active you are towards answering requests and inquiries to your customers
  • Verification status of your business
  • Whether you are a Google trusted business (have a Google Badge of Trust) or not
  • How many complaints your business is receiving
  • How close your business or store is to the potential customer
  • Do your business hours match the time of the potential customer
  • Which search terms the potential customer is using

Cost of Google Local Services Ads Leads

The cost of Google Local Services Ad leads depends on your location and business type. There are some businesses whose ad cost will start from $5, while there are others whose cost will start from $200.

Up until 2020, all competitors of the same business would have to pay the same for ads. Now you can pay more through the “bid mode” option, and make your ad rank higher. Your maximum bid amount can go as high as 2.5x that of the minimum bid amount.

Google also gives you the option to maximize leads, through which you do not select the cost per lead. Instead, Google sets the bid amount that will help you get the maximum number of leads.

Effect of Pausing Your Ads

When you pause your ad, it does not get removed from the ads unit. It stays there like before, but its ranking will be impacted. Google will show paid ads above a paused ad. Google will also remove Google Screened or Google Guaranteed labels, if your ad had it before.

Pausing your ad is quite easy. You can do it either through the Google Local Services app or dashboard. Google does not charge if you get leads through a paused ad.

Cannot Target Keywords

You may think that you can target certain keywords to rank your ad higher, but this is not how Google Local Services Ads work.

It is not possible to target a keyword. Instead, you only have the option to choose certain business categories based on the type of business you are. Google will decide which keywords suit your business category best. Google also does not offer any keyword data to users, which could help them find keywords that are bringing them customers.



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