4 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Must Use VPN


The digital marketing industry has grown rapidly in recently. There are millions of people using international sites. However, while this might be the case, there are still some locations that have no accessibility to certain sites on the web. Luckily, there’s this amazing technology called Virtual Private Network.

Wikipedia states that OpenVPN (https://openvpn.net/) is a commercial piece of software, which is open-source in format. It makes use of VPN techniques by creating a secure point-to-point connection in routed or bridged configurations. OpenVN also makes use of a custom security protocol (https://www.purevpn.com/what-is-vpn/protocols) that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange. With this in mind, we thought we would outline four reasons why digital marketers shoud make use of a VPN.

1) To Hide Our Digital Footprints

Due to excessive increase in cyber crime, cyber security has become an urgent challenge for companies and individuals all around the world. Unfortunately, when we choose to log onto a wireless connection, we are essentially begging for hackers to have access to our private and personal information.

It’s scary to think our credit cards, Social Security numbers, cell phone number and other personal data can easily be hacked in seconds. So that’s when virtual private networks or VPN comes in to play. It promises to protect our personal activities online.

2) For Local SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the best online marketing tactics to use for your business as it helps you rank higher in Google, giving you more organic results. For local businesses to be successful, local SEO can give you magical traffic results and drive up your revenue.

However, because search engine results are location-based, people based in the United States can’t see what kind of results an online user from the United Kingdom would get. For example, if a person in Los Angeles looking for a digital marketing agency will not see the same agencies as the person in the United Kingdom will.

That would be a big problem if you’re trying to rank an Event Production Company in US-based search engine results and want to see what people are searching for and what your competition is doing.

The solution? You can use a VPN as a way to trick Google into believing you are based in the U.S., so that you’d be presented with relevant results in seconds.

3) Unblock Sites

There are countless websites that are blocked in countries around the world as a result of Internet censorship and filtering. Depending on your location, common websites are more frequently blocked than others, such as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

It’s necessary as a citizen to know your rights and defend your Internet freedom, am I right? This is why downloading a VPN is absolutely crucial; with a network such as VPN you can easily access popular sites without being subjected to censorship.

4) Email Marketing

You might have heard that Email Marketing is dead, according to this page, but guess what, it’s not. Popular email service providers, such as Gmail are blocking users to receive emails from people outside of their country or location. How, you ask? Gmail tracks these emails by a specific IP address, which results in e-mails never sending or being received.

With the use of VPN, you can trick the system into thinking you’re located at the same location nearby which then will guarantee your message will be sent.


Using VPN has become prime important for digital marketers. There are so many other reasons why digital marketers must use VPN. You can choose from a long list of VPN service providers. Make sure you use the correct one.

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