4 Most Common Reasons for Needing Garage Door Repair

garage door repair

It can be very frustrating when a homeowner is need in of garage door repair and not understand why. Thankfully, there are 4 common reasons why most garage doors aren’t functioning properly and there are telltale signs of how to spot them and get them corrected by a professional. 

1. Photo Eyes Not Working

A common reason for a non-functioning garage door is a malfunction with the photo eye. These infrared photo eyes are crucial for the system to work the way it should and a typical reason for garage door repair. Photo eyes often become misaligned, and repositioning them is a relatively quick and easy fix. Additionally, photo eyes can accumulate dirt, debris or water and will need to be cleaned or dried. If the photo eyes are blinking, that will usually mean that there is an obstruction there. Removing the debris will make the eyes stop blinking and the door should start working properly again. 

2. Remote Control Broken

Another common reason for needing garage door repair is if the remote control is broken, say garagedoorinmyarea.com. If there is nothing wrong with your photo eyes, the next thing to check is the status of your remote control. If you discover that your remote control is malfunctioning, it might just need a new battery. If you replace the battery and it still doesn’t work, it’s time to call a reputable garage door repair business. You won’t always need a new garage door opener system, unless your door is older than 10 years. 

3. Broken Garage Door Spring 

A broken garage door spring is a common issue that could be potentially more dangerous than a malfunctioning remote control or photo eyes, according to https://www.angieslist.com/articles/how-much-does-it-cost-fix-garage-door-spring.htm. Garage door springs are important for proper function of garage doors as they cause tension to open the door and hold the massive weight of the door as it opens and closes. Most garage doors have two overhead springs. If one spring breaks, it’s typical for the other one to break soon after. Because of this, if one needs to be replaced, the other one will be as well. Do not attempt to repair your garage door springs yourself. This can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Call a garage door repair specialist instead. 

4.  Excess Garage Noise

If you notice your door is making grinding or other loud noises, this is usually a sign that you are in need of garage door repair. A garage door system is made up of many parts, including springs, rollers, brackets and hinges. These parts sometimes just need proper lubrication. Other times, they will need a complete replacement. Even though lubrication is a simple fix, taking apart garage doors to reach the component is complicated and should be left to a professional garage door repair specialist. 

There are some dishonest garage door repair contractors out there, and homeowners are sometimes misled. These tips will help homeowners avoid scams and be more aware of when garage door repair is needed and what to do when it is. 

For tips to fix your garage door, read this article here.



Ashley Macdonald
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