4 Essential Hacks for Spring Break Travel

hacks for spring break

With spring break just around the corner, almost everyone – college students, 9-5ers and retirees alike – are starting to think about getting away. After a tough winter, consumed with studies, work and/or daily obligations, the weather will start getting better. The sun will start coming out and the travel bug will start going around.

But before you rush hastily into your spring break travel plans, it pays (sometimes literally) to consider a few travel hacks. If you count yourself among the many people with springtime travel aspirations, read these four essential hacks before you book your trip.

Try to Book Early (But Don’t Sweat if You Don’t)

Booking early will usually net you the best options at the best prices, especially with a peak travel period like spring break. While the intro to this article cautioned you from rushing into things hastily, you should still get on it soon. Start tracking flight costs on Google flights, and set yourself an alert for flight deals. Start researching hotels or Airbnbs, and, if the demand appears to be high, pounce on a good deal early.

At the same time, if you find yourself in the tail end of February with nothing booked, don’t sweat it. There are plenty of airlines and hotels that offer last-minute deals. Get yourself on a travel deal newsletter or peruse a curated travel deal service and search for last-minute deals. They definitely exist!

Pack Merino Wool Clothing

Spring is the trickiest season to travel, packing wise. You can’t be sure whether the weather will be chilly, warm, wet or dry – and, indeed, your destination might be all four, in a single day! The easiest hack you can follow to protect against fluctuations in weather, without packing a gigantic suitcase, is to pack merino wool clothing.

Brands like Unbound Merino apparel are specifically tailored to travel, and offer clothing that is breathable, insulating, sweat-wicking and quick-drying. Pack merino wool and you’ll be set to take on whatever weather your destination throws at you – without the heavy bags.  

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Stay Hydrated… Always

Staying hydrated is important, not only in warm weather destinations, but also on the flight to and from. A lack of hydration is the primary culprit in jet lag, that lousy, woozy feeling you get after long flights abroad. Planes are notoriously dry environments, and the only way to stave off bodily dehydration is to drink plenty of water. With precious little time to travel, you don’t want to waste any time nauseated by jet lag.

Make Your Phone Work for You

Finally, get your apps in order. If you plan on being without Wi-Fi or data on your trip, download offline maps. If you plan on traveling somewhere with a language barrier, download a translation app. If you’re a foodie, get on the local restaurant rating website, or join the local subreddit to post questions and solicit advice.

This year, do spring break the right way. Follow these easy hacks and have yourself the vacation of a lifetime!

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