4 Changes You Can Expect As You Lose Weight

Embarking on a journey to shed some pounds is a huge commitment and the beginning of one of the biggest transformations that can ever happen in your life. Whether you’re doing it for health reasons, to feel better in your clothes or to lose the weight that has crept up over the years, getting into shape is hard, but nothing feels better than when you start to see a change in the mirror, on the measuring tape and on the scale. 

Losing weight changes a lot for us, we can start to feel more confident and capable, and we might start finding the gym addictive, but there are other changes that are a lot more subtle, but are still part of the weight loss journey. Here are a few of them. 

Style Boldness 

When we lose weight, it’s obvious that all the clothes we used to wear just don’t look good anymore. You might discover that your entire wardrobe needs to be replaced even though the clothes still look fine. Losing weight doesn’t just change your body, it might change your style too. There might be certain things you could have never dreamt of wearing that you can now feel confident in. Even if you like your style, don’t be surprised that it might start to shift a bit. You’ll feel bold enough to experiment with new styles and cuts and that’s a good thing. A new body means new ways to dress, and you should enjoy it. 

Surgical Enhancement

The process of losing weight can also lead to you making more permanent changes to your appearance. Many people who lose weight find that they might also want to get cosmetic surgery to further enhance their bodies. This could be getting excess skin removed so you can show off your figure, or getting a breast augmentation to make your bust go well with your new body. According to the Plastic Surgery Institute (see here), a breast augmentation surgery Utah women rely on for their procedures, “this sought-after aesthetic enhancements offers women who are unhappy with their breasts many options for visual improvement, and it’s very popular for people who have just lost weight.”

Confidence to Tackle Anything 

Losing weight makes you feel like you can do anything – it boosts your self-confidence, and not just because of how you look. It takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice to turn your weight loss and fitness goals into reality, and when you make it happen, it makes you feel like you can take on anything. The motivation from your weight loss will fuel you in other areas of your life. It can give you the confidence to pour into your career and even go after dreams you were afraid to face before. It’s a huge accomplishment so don’t be shocked to find that you have the courage to take on other challenges. 

Wanting to Share Your Journey 

Every successful weight loss journey starts with a frustrated person trying to find the diet and fitness program that will help them. When you do find what works and it actually gives you the desired results, it’s not surprising that you would want to shout it from the rooftops, and help other people have the same success as you. This is why so many people start YouTube channels to document their journeys, and Instagram accounts to show people the kind of exercises they do. Actually, a lot of trainers and coaches begin this way, so happy with the results they got and wanting to pay it forward. Don’t be surprised that you want to help someone too. It’s a good thing that you want to help other people because you know how it feels to struggle to find the right program. You can use that to create content that will impact thousands. 

Losing weight is a very transformative process, and it’s not just external and aesthetic. So many things about you are going to change and that’s because the person you were at the beginning isn’t the person who reaches their goal weight. In order to lose weight, you actually have to change your daily habits, the choices you make everyday and even how you saw yourself before. These changes will show up in other areas of your life – you might want to make a pivot in your job, you might want to purge your entire wardrobe and start over, or you might just decide you want other areas of your life to be better. Celebrate these changes and welcome what they bring. It’s the pay-off for all your hard work!

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