4 Best Free Floor Planning Software to Try

As you plan your dream home, or your next construction project, you will need a proper floor plan to start with. There are numerous floor planning programs available, many of which are free, but which ones are the easiest to work with, or offer the best features? Here are the finest ones currently available.


This software will work with your existing blueprints, which is especially useful if you wish to make additions and changes. This free floor plan software can also assist you to make a plan from scratch and allow you to design your space to your exact specifications. The tools on offer are very accessible and easy to use, with intuitive layouts and interfaces, so that anyone can use it. Roomtodo is a good piece of software to try, and then you can always upgrade to the Pro version, if you like the free software. It comes with an extensive library of columns, doors, walls, and more in different textures to help you plan out your project with the look you want.

AutoCAD Architecture

This design software covers everything from engineering to architecture, giving you more than 8,500 digital architectural objects to work with. This simple tool has a wealth of options, which makes it easy to make a plan quickly, work in three dimensions, and scale the project accurately.

With all of the available tools to use, this program can run a bit slow, but otherwise, it is an excellent tool that’s available at no cost.

Civil 3D

If you are attempting a civil engineering project, then this tool is going to be more suitable to your needs. It can assist you in planning a wide range of infrastructure projects, and it comes with built in components to create intersections, highways, and more, with completely customizable components.

The software is made for designers, and yet it doesn’t require much training to use. It’s easy enough to produce images, plans, and designs that are visually appealing, but with all of the complex features, not everyone will feel at home with it immediately.

Draft It

This drawing tool is ideal for architects, and it gives them a very effective method of drafting and drawing up their plans. The user-friendly interface, intuitive editing features, and in-depth help system are all there to assist you in making the most of the software. This program comes with a free version, but a more advanced paid version is available.

The Draft program is simple enough that even people who are not skilled architects can use it. The 3-D aspect of the software can be a bit tougher to work with though, and there may be a learning period for some users before they feel comfortable with it.

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