4 Benefits of Traveling by Boat

boat on a calm river

Are you bored of traveling by car, train, bus, and plane? If so, why not take a different route on your next traveling experience by embracing the wonders of boat travel? There are a whole host of benefits that you stand to reap from maritime travel, four of which can be found listed below.

Here are four proven benefits of traveling by boat:


There’s no denying the fact that boats are slower than trains and planes. Whenever you hop onboard a vessel, you do so knowing that it will take you a while to reach your destination. Instead of moaning about the longevity of this form of travel, embrace it. Embrace the fact that you are being afforded a number of hours to relax. Buy into the slow nature of boat travel and take this time to socialize with your loved ones.


You take flights because they are quick and direct, not because they offer up an amazing travel experience (unless you like sitting elbow to elbow with strangers for hours on end, of course!). What boats lack in speed and convenience, they more than makeup for with experience. The principal pleasure of being on a boat is being able to look out and see the wonders of the sea up close and personal. The sea offers a unique experience each and every day, which is why it is so mesmerizing to stare at.


Boating might not be as easily accessible or as quick as other forms of transport, but it does still offer up a number of practicalities. Here are just a few of the practical benefits that you will be sure to reap when you decide to take a trip via the ocean:

1. When traveling on a cruise ship, you don’t have to keep packing and unpacking your belongings every time you journey to a new destination

2. Boating holidays, cruises, in particular, provide a great value compared to other backpacking adventures

3. Large boats and ferries provide entertainment for all age groups, making them incredibly family-friendly


Should you ever decide to become the captain of your own ship, you will need to learn a whole host of useful maritime skills before you are able to get behind the wheel of your vessel. As stated on their dedicated site, ilearntoboat offer up a number of engaging boater safety courses to help people like you get to grips with the demands of boating. Once you enroll on the NASBLA-accredited programs made available by them, you will no doubt learn boating skills that you then carry with you for the rest of your life going forward.

Once you enlist yourself on an ilearntoboat course, you will:

1. Receive an education in how to control the speed of your boat;

2. Learn how to pull up and dock your boat safely and effectively;

3. Become well versed in the proper practice of water rescue.

Want to take your traveling experiences to the next level? If so, travel by boat!

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