3 Tips For Students to Get Through Lockdown

student in lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted what we consider normal across all industries. Schools, universities, and other education facilities have ceased physical learning and moved to online classes. Universitiies that do not have the infrastructure to support online learning have extended holidays to students, as they rush to adapt to the new norm. 

With the changes in the education sector due to lockdown, students are having problems dealing with the new normal. Everything is different from social life, education delivery, self-care, and every other aspect of student life. This is why students need to learn how to adapt to lockdown conditions while remaining productive, and in good health, both mentally and physically. Below are helpful tips on how students can survive lockdown, with help from studentbeehive.co.uk

1. Maintain Social Connections

It is important to connect with students in your class/course through different social platforms. In addition, it is important to connect with friends and family while in isolation. These connections will keep you sane, and will help raise your mood. Otherwise, without interaction, loneliness will have a negative effect on your life and studies. 

2. Maintain Physical Health

Even during lockdown, students need to keep fit. Exercising will keep you mentally aswell as physically fit, whilst improving your immune system, which is important considering the dangers of Covid-19.

3. Enhance Your Study Skills

While you may feel a little down and confused, remember that life has to go on. There will be exams and assignments even with lockdown. Therefore, you must boost your study skills. Be a good student and learn how to make notes efficiently, so you can condense your learning and improve knowledge retention. It is important to know how to organize your time better and study smart. Most importantly, complete your assignments on time and attend online classes if you have them.

4. Catch Up on What You Have Missed

With the changes that have happened, you may have missed a few classes or assignments in your quest to keep safe. Even without the pandemic, there are unavoidable reasons why a student may miss classwork. Take advantage of the lockdown, and use the free time to catch up on what you have missed in your studies.

5. Avoid Distractions and Procrastination 

If you easily get distracted and are prone to procrastination, the lockdown will be hard on you! Working on your computer comes with tons of distractions, and focusing on your studies may prove impossible. Therefore, you need to set aside time and create boundaries. This is the best time to work on your procrastination problem and become a better person. If possible, disable some apps, or change settings for notifications to avoid distractions. Most importantly, have a routine, for instance, a timetable that tells you what to do and when to do it. 

6. Avoid Excessive Alcohol 

With the pandemic and lockdown, your routine is interrupted, and stress levels are high. You might find yourself drinking more coffee and/or alcohol than usual. Excess caffeine can dehydrate you, and increase your heart rate and consequently blood pressure. 

While we are not saying you shouldn’t take alcohol or coffee, moderation is what matters. Consuming coffee and alcohol in moderation will help you keep your health in check. We hope you have found these tips helpful!



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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