3 Fantastic Watersports To Enjoy With Your Dog

Does your dog love the water? With the warmer months just around the corner, why not try something different! We have listed 3 water activities that you should try with your furry friend this Summer. However, it is imperative to note that when in open waters, buoyancy is key for animals and that’s why we strongly recommend investing in a dog buoyancy aid, no matter how strong of a swimmer you feel your dog is. 

1. Surfing

What better way to spend your summer than catching some waves, but have you ever considered taking your beloved dog along with you? Practice makes perfect when it comes to doggy surfing! The best place to start is to begin to practice within shallow water or a swimming pool, to help your dog build confidence when using a surfboard. When selecting a surfboard, look for something that’s in the 7’ to 9’ range. It is important to ensure that your dog has enough time to try the surfboard so that it feels comfortable when it is exposed to the open waves. 

When you feel your dog is ready, begin with small waves in shallow water at a dog-friendly beach. When you start, it is essential to have a hand on the back of your board, and your other hand clutching your canine companion. This will allow you to react to an upcoming wave. Slowly begin to build the intensity of the waves, until your dog feels confident. Always remember that your dog will need plenty of praise when teaching them a new skill.

2. Boating 

Dogs love to feel the wind within their fur, and what better way for them to feel this than a boating trip!  When taking a dog on a boating trip it is important that you fully trust your furry friend, so that you can remove their lead. Dogs love to feel free and letting them off the lead is the best way for them to sniff around and get comfortable with their surroundings. Well trained dogs usually will not jump off the boat when it is in motion, however, you should expect that when the boat is stationary, your adventurous pup may want to take a dive. Remember that boating and taking part in activities is supposed to be fun for everyone!

It is important not to forget that just like humans, dogs can also feel the rough motions of the sea and can too feel nauseous or even be sick. Therefore if your dog is prone to a bad stomach, or hasn’t experienced much of the sea,  it would be wise to avoid hitting the sea when the water is looking too choppy. 

3. Swimming 

This may seem glaringly obvious, and outrageously boring compared to doggy surfing or boating, but swimming is a great way for your dog to exercise whilst also having a lot of fun! Why not try different surroundings such as doggy beaches, swimming pools, lakes or even rivers. However, be cautious of the dangers that may surround taking your dogs to different water surroundings. These may include:

  • Stagnant water
  • Glass and metal
  • Ensuring that your dog is completely dry after any water activities – skin issues can easily occur.

To limit your dog from wandering too far, why not keep them engaged with some games? Of course ‘fetch’ is everyone go to, but you can check out a few new games to enjoy this summer.

When it comes to water sports, all dogs have different skills and preferences. So go with the flow this summer, and enjoy some new experiences with your furry friend. 

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