3 Common Myths (And Truths) About Room Air Filters

Like in any other industry, there are a lot of myths around air filters, how they work and how to properly use them, among other things. These myths could be the difference between getting the best out of your room air purification system and just having one that barely gets the job done.

Today, we are going to filter (all pun intended) the truth from the myths so you can have a better experience with the air filters.

Myth #1 – Fiberglass Filters Are All You Need

If we had a dollar for every time we heard someone make this statement, we would have a hard time counting all those dollar bills right now.

When many people mention filters, the first thing that comes to their minds are these furnace filters (see more about furnace filters). What you might not know is that fiberglass filters are more expensive than they let on.

Now, that could be confusing to you. After all, these filters are known to cost in the least range, if they are not the least expensive themselves. Considering the fact that fiberglass filters require very frequent change lest they cause expensive damages to your HVAC units, though, you will see where we are going with this.

That, and the fact that they do not really protect the home from a lot of contaminants – just dust and lint.

Myth #2 – Size Doesn’t Matter -Fitting Does

For one, we will agree with the part that says the fitting matters. What makes the whole statement a wrong one is the preceding part which suggests that filter size doesn’t matter.

You could get a smaller than required filter that fits in your HVAC unit just right, and you would not think anything much of it. Unknown to you, the filter will leave some parts of the air vents exposed, allowing the escape of unfiltered air into the home.

We don’t know about you, but that seems like your main purpose of getting a filter has been defeated even before it started.

Couple that with the fact that smaller filters could get sucked into, and end up destroying, your HVAC system. We bet you will now agree to how important size is beside fitting.

The good news is that each room air filter sold at KLC Cleantech (https://www.klcintl.com/) come with custom steel frames to enable you pick just the right size for your HVAC units.

room air filters

Myth #3 – You Don’t Need to Change Your Filters Every 2-3 Months

Have you also been convinced that companies selling air filters just want to make more money off you by asking you to change yours every 2 – 3 months? That could not be farther from the truth.

In fact, you might need to change your filter more frequently if:

  • You have allergies or asthma
  • You keep pets around the house
  • The material of your air filter isn’t built to last for too long (such as fiberglass), and so much more.

It would be wise to consult with professional, stating your concerns and knowing how frequently you should change your filters for the healthiest living environment.

For more information on air filters, we would recommend you read this article here.



James Williams
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