3 Benefits of Lighting Candles – What to Know…

3 Benefits of Lighting Candles - What to Know...

Don’t you just love evenings? It’s the time when you can finally unwind and relax after a long day at school or work. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you can make your evening ambience extra intimate, relaxing, and peaceful? This is where the benefits of lighting candles come in.

Lighting candles is not merely something trendy or ornamental. Many cultures across the world make use of candles not just to evoke peace and relaxation but also for healing and meditating. In the past, the magic of candles was only considered to be merely subjective and superstitious. Today, however, science has already unravelled how candles can provide various benefits, linking it to the scents they give off that affect the brain in surprising ways.

Still wondering why people light candles? Here are three benefits that you might not have heard about, with thanks to https://eastcoastcandles.ca/ for providing the benefits…

They Can Help Improve Your Health and Productivity

Studies have shown that the scent of certain oils used in candle production can help improve one’s productivity and overall health, according to https://www.mydomaine.com/candles-to-improve-mood-and-productivity. Rosemary oil, for one, is seen to help improve speed and accuracy among participants in a study performed by a group of researchers from Northumbria. If you need to burn the midnight oil for tomorrow’s deadline, a rosemary candle could help. Meanwhile, cinnamon or peppermint candles can help you feel more relaxed and positive even while doing a tedious task. Therefore, if you need to feel motivated to do urgent tasks, lighting some rosemary, cinnamon, or peppermint candles may help.

Vanilla and peppermint-scented candles can also be used by people who want to quit smoking as they are known to help curb smoking cravings. Additionally, in general, scented candles are widely used for meditation. This practice, when done regularly, can help increase alertness, mindfulness, and overall well-being.

They Can Help Reduce Pain and Brighten Up Your Mood

A previous study has shown that the smell of oranges, when infused in candles, can help reduce feelings of pain in patients with fractured limbs. Meanwhile, rose and spikenard gives off scents that can help alleviate psychological, physical, and sexual traumas. This is why lighting orange and rose-scented candles are known to help someone get through a tough time, whether they’re feeling physical, emotional, or mental pain.

Many behavioural studies in the past have shown how certain scents can affect people’s moods, allowing them to overcome bad memories with feelings of happiness and positivity. If you want to perk yourself up, light some scented candles and the aroma will help to brighten up your mood.

They Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

Using electronic devices and gadgets can keep you awake and stop you from falling asleep as quickly as you wish to, according to this Sleep.org article. When there’s a delay on the onset of your sleep, there will be a domino effect on the overall quality of your sleep. Habitual use of electronic devices before sleeping will take a toll on your health and get you used to an unhealthy sleeping routine.

If you’ve got unhealthy sleeping habits, start lighting candles before you hit the sack. You’ll soon notice how the warm light and aromatic scents help you fall asleep more quickly. Doing it regularly will then help you get used to a healthier sleeping schedule.

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