2022 New Fashion Trend For Headband Wigs


  • What are Headband wigs
  • Things to consider before buying a headband wig
  • Why do you need headband wigs

What are Headband wigs

Headband wigs as the name implies are wigs that have a headscarf attached to the wig. It does not require glue or gel to wear it, it has adjustable strands and a sewn-in headband that are used to secure it in place. It is very easy to wear hence it is ideal for beginners or for a lazy day. Headband wigs have become popular over the course of the last few years not just because of how easy they are to wear but because they come in many different styles to suit every one’s need.

Things to consider before buying a headband wig

There are many factors to keep in mind when shopping for headband wigs. They include:


What is your style? Do you like your hair short,curly , long? etc . The answer to this question will determine which is the best headband wig for you. Some popular styles in the market currently are : curl wigs, U part wig and wet and wavy wig.

Hair type

Are you a synthetic or human hair type of girl? At Luvme hair we have both synthetic and human hair headband wigs. They both have their pros and cons. If you are looking for a wig to wear in your day-to-day life and one which will last long, a human hair headband wig is for you. Human hair headband wigs are easy to maintain as they are light, do not easily tangle, one can use heat on them and dyes. On the other hand if you are working on a tight budget but desire to have a stylish wig you can acquire the synthetic headband wig.

Color and length :

Headband wigs come in different colors and lengths. Short wigs are easy to maintain as they do not easily tangle; on the other hand long wigs offer a variety of fun ways to manipulate your wig. So in addition to personal preference choose a wig that suits your lifestyle. There are also a variety of colors to choose from, a good wig should match the skin tone of your skin in case you decide to buy a color that does not match the color of your hair.

Wig cap:

A wig cap is necessary when wearing wigs as it helps to prevent it from slipping. The wig cap will also provide added warmth to your head and neck area. Some wigs have a wig cap appended to the wig. In case you choose to purchase a wig that comes with a wig cap, look for the one that is lightweight and perfectly fits.


High quality wigs are costly compared to other wigs. They are also long lasting if maintained well. Hence investing in buying a high quality wig is important if you wish to have that wig in good shape for a long time. The hair type also affects cost , human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs.

Why do you need headband wigs?

As a protective style

Natural hair requires little manipulation so that it can maintain length and volume. As headband wigs are an everyday wear and can be worn for different occasions, it is an ideal way for protecting hair.

It is beginner friendly

As it does not require glue or gel to hold it in place, even people who have no experience with wigs can comfortably wear headband wings and look stylish and chic.

Time and money saving

Headband wigs are cheap compared to other wigs such as lace frontal wigs. It will also take you a relatively short time to wear a headband wig as compared to wearing a wig that requires gel and glue to set in place.

Friendly to one’s natural hairline

Gluing hair to the scalp can potentially lead to it ripping off (see here), with a headband no glue or gel is used . The hair line is left untampered with hence no damage caused.

Its versatility

With one headband wig one can achieve different hairstyles such as ponytails, buns, updos among others making it an exciting hair piece to possess.

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