2020 is the Perfect Time to Reorganize and Prepare Your Evening Dress Collection

ladies with evening dresses drinking cocktails

Over the last few months, we have all collectively spent much of our time at home, unable to attend the birthday parties, work gatherings and other events we had planned to attend. The global pandemic has forced us apart, and while we’ve gotten a lot of use out of the casual items in our closet, the formal side is getting more than a little dusty.

Since you, like us, have probably spent the last few months stuck at home wearing your sweats, now is a great time to reorganize your wardrobe and get ready for a time when you can glam up and get back to attending the events you adore.

It’s likely that after all of the COVID-19 social distancing rules are lifted, there will be a resurgence in big events, and when that happens, you want to be ready with that killer evening dress.

There are five main dress types every wardrobe should feature, and between them all, you’ll be covered for pretty much any event you’ll ever wish to attend when life goes back to normal! Here are some evening dresses you always want ready to pull out of your closet:

5 Evening Dresses You Need in Your Wardrobe

The Infamous Little Black Dress

Every wardrobe should feature a knockout little black dress. The little black dress is constantly referred to in popular media for that elegant yet sexy Audrey Hepburn chic. Black is an overall flattering and slimming color, and this versatile dress is sure to draw attention at any type of event. You can keep it simple or dress it up with accessories. If you’ve got a pair of brightly colored shoes you’ve been dying to show off, the LBD is the dress for you. One is a must-have for any woman, but a few is never a bad thing!

A Midi Dress

A midi dress is a queen among evening dresses – it’s an elegant and sexy length, especially in body-con styles. It’s a length that is flattering on any height or body shape, just make sure you pair it with a great pair of shoes so you can move around easily.

A Lace Dress

Lace evening dresses are feminine and suitable for almost any occasion, since they’re so easy to dress up and down. Pair with a blazer or shawl for formal evening events, and then throw over a leather jacket later in the evening for an edge as you head to the after-party. Lace evening dresses never go out of style!

A Flowing Column Gown

That flowing column gown: this all-round flattering evening dress will give you an air of regality and refinement, and should leave you floating around the room all night. The dress is known as a column shape because it flatters and elongates the wearer’s silhouette. It’s classy, graceful and very comfortable if you’re planning on dancing all night!

A Bardot Summer Evening Dress

A fun, off-the-shoulder dress: there’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of a cool summer breeze on your shoulders. An off-the-shoulder evening dress is playful, youthful and shows off just the right amount of skin. If you have a slim waist, you want to accentuate, look for an off-the-shoulder dress with an A-line skirt that reaches down to the floor, or even a mermaid train, for an added level of glamour.

Bonus: That Dress That Makes You Feel a Million Dollars

There’s always that one dress you fall in love with, buy, and want to wear all the time. Why? Because you feel like you could walk down the red carpet and fit in with the A-listers. If you’re going to complete your collection of evening dresses, this is one. Of course, the style, color, and material of this dress will depend totally on you, and may fit in with one of the other dresses on the list, but you should always be on the lookout for that dress.

So what better time to take a good look in your closet thinking of the fun times ahead? Make sure you’re ready for those invitations to come. Whether you’re choosing a dress to wear to a formal dinner, an anniversary party, an awards ceremony or a wedding reception, comfort is hugely important. Make sure your evening dresses are still a great fit and ready to wear, check you have something for all sorts of events and dream of those times to come. They’ll be all the sweeter because we’ve had to wait so long!

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