20 Things to Know About Athenahealth While Heading into 2020

Athenahealth made many strategic business moves last year so that 2020 can mark another auspicious time for the company. The CEOs and management of Athena medical software made acquisitions & new appointments with various leading experts in the industry to improve their platform.

So what other innovative arrangements have Athenahealth made so far? In this article, we will be discussing 20 aspects you should know about Athenahealth while you head into 2020. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. What is Athena Medical Software’s Network?

Athenahealth has over 160,000 healthcare management providers in various locations across the globe, including Ireland and India. Medical practices need EHR systems because of the lack of physical storage space for files. It’s also a way to protect patient records should there be a natural disaster or any accident that could potentially destroy documentation.

2. A Newly Appointed CFO

In September 2019, Athenahealth appointed Luis Borgen as CFO. Before working for Athenahealth, Luis was the CFO of Vistaprint, which is an e-commerce company. He has over 22 years of experience in Finance so that he will be an asset to Athenahealth going forward.

3. Staff Layoffs at Athenahealth

2019 wasn’t an ideal year for Athenahealth staff. The medical software brand announced in April that they would be letting go of more than 4% of its global workforce. Athenahealth let go of  500 to 2000 people when the company went private under new owners.

4. A Newly Appointed Chief Product Officer

Former PatientKeeper CEO Paul Brient became Athenahealth’s new Chief Product Officer. Mr. Brient will be in charge of product strategy and structuring Athenahealth’s clinical network services.

5. Athena Campus Up for Sale

On September 30, 2019, Athenahealth put its Watertown campus up for sale. The plan is to sign a long term lease agreement with the property owner. A report from the Boston Globe stated that Athenahealth could make millions of dollars on its sale because of the size of this property in Massachusetts. It’s an 11-floor building with 830,000 square feet of space.  

6. Rhinogram Partners with Athenahealth

Rhinogram, which is a cloud-based telehealth provider, started collaborating with Athenahealth in 2019. The tools from Rhinogram will now be available on Athena medical software.

It’s been a goal of Athenahealth to include remote medical visits through digital devices to make doctor and patient visits more convenient. Now the platform offers virtual patient and practitioner visits thanks to Rhinogram.

7. Announcements at Centricity Healthcare User Group Conference

At the Centricity Healthcare User Group Conference held in October 2019, Athenahealth announced that they would be launching a new customer success manager for their platform. The brand’s new strategy is said to optimize workflow and improve patient & practitioner communication.

8. BirdEye’s Customer Platform

In November 2019, Athenahealth integrated the BirdEye’s customer experience tool into its software. The new BirdEye integration will assist healthcare practices to obtain reviews so they can improve patient experiences.

9. Athenahealth’s Flu Dashboard

Image result for Athenahealth Flu dashboard

Athenahealth launched its Flu Dashboard in December 2019. The new dashboard will track the spread of flu across all states in the US. The Flu Dashboard will provide real-time information on how different states are affected by the flu.  

10. Bill Conway is Athenahealth’s New Chief Sales Officer

Bill Conway returned to Athenahealth to become the brand’s new Chief Sales Officer. The announcement came in May 2019.

11. Bela Labovitch is a Leader in the Healthcare Industry

Bela Labovitch, who is the Vice President in Engineering at Athenahealth, was named one of 2019’s top female leaders in health care software. She has over 30 years of experience as a software engineer.

12. Adding QuickCred to the Athena Medical Software

QuickCred has partnered with Athenahealth to improve credentialing and revenue cycle management. The partnership is said to enhance clinical efficiency and optimize financial performance for medical practices.

13. Athenahealth Has Optimal Patient Portal Satisfaction

Epic MyChart awards Athenahealth with the second-best patient portal software in the industry.

14. New HIPAA Tool Added to Athena Software

HIPAA One is now available on Athenahealth’s platform. The new integrated software tool will optimize digital security. When users sign onto Athenahealth, they can launch the HIPAA portal which provides options to improve online security.

15. Athenahealth App Offers Drug Therapy

Image result for athenahealth epocrates

Athenahealth offers medical therapy and clinical resources through its mobile app. TRC (Therapeutic Research Center) partnered with Athenahealth to provide users of the Epocrates app improved advisory articles for superior clinical decision making.

16. Healthcare Predictions by Athena Health

Athenahealth has an article on their website with their predictions in the medical industry. The brand states that technology will support improved population health with the expansion of AI in the medical industry.

Another prediction made by Athenahealth is that primary and secondary high-risk care learning will move out of universities and into clinics. It will provide a more practical approach for students to learn about how to take care of high-risk patients.

17. Elliot acquires Athenahealth

Veritas Capital and Elliot Management finalized their acquisition of Athenahealth in February 2019 for an estimated $5.7 billion. Athenahealth became a private entity while Veritas planned to combine the brand with Virence Health.

18. Honors for the Best Company to Work for

On January 22, 2020, Athenahealth received acknowledgment in the Built-in Austin’s and Built-in Boston’s list of best places to work.

19. Athenahealth Named Visionary Leader in Healthcare Data

In November 2019, Athenahealth was recognized as a leader in Frost and Sullivan’s Frost Radar data analytics market. Athenahealth is one of the top six software companies to provide innovation and expansion in the medical industry.

20. New GM for the Epocrates App  

Diane Bartoli, who is the former General Manager of Amazon Kindle Education, was appointed as Athenahealth’s GM for the Epocrates app.

Final Thoughts

Athenahealth is always making innovative decisions to improve its software so it can cater to the thousands of users that need streamlined and fast service plans. We’re curious to see what the cloud-based and EHR Software company will be doing during 2020.

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