12 Proven Ways To Boost Your Website’s Conversion

According to recent Forrester studies, the global website conversion rate is 4.31%, that is, only this number of websites’ users brings real benefits to businesses.

In this article, we will talk about the main tips for increasing your website’s conversion. And since everyone creates websites using website builders today (it is simple, fast and inexpensive!), we will consider the most important conversion-boosting features and functions by an example of the progressive website builder, Weblium, since it offers maximum options for increasing one’s online presence at a very affordable price.

1. Use High-Quality Photos

According to Baymard research, 56% of users check photos and illustrations first when they’re on a webpage. Poor quality images can scare away most visitors and they will leave your website.

If you cannot make some professional shots of your business yet, you can use Weblium to create your website and get unlimited access to a huge collection of more than 100 thousand high-quality pictures for every taste.

2. Add Interactivity

The interactive element focuses the user’s attention on your offer and motivates him to do something you want him to do.

This can be a survey, online calculator, specific filters, and other elements that involve the visitor in interacting with the site.

Use the Weblium editor settings to find many modern tools that will make your website more interactive – create, customize and configure contact/lead generation forms, social icons, CTAs, apps buttons, countdowns, and many more!

3. Create a Clear Navigation

Clear website navigation is:

·         simplicity;

·         consistency;

·         convenience;

·         the intuitive layout of content blocks;

·         simple and clear website menu (helps with SEO);

·         user tips;

·         filtered search;

·         “bread crumbs”.

All Weblium templates have a perfect structure by default, as they are created based on an in-depth analysis of the world’s best niche sites. Also, when creating templates, the developers take into account the latest global design trends.

4. Create Extra Value

It could be:

• a small discount for email newsletter subscribers;

• extra services for buyers (for example, installing a boxed CMS, transferring the site to new hosting, etc.);

• “try before buy” feature;

• discounts on repeat purchases.

To stimulate the first order, you can offer a discount for new customers (for example, free shipping).

5. Make Your Site Load Fast

Slow loading times is one of the main reasons why visitors leave the website. On average, an Internet user waits no more than 3 seconds.

One of the reasons why your website experiences performance problems is that you have chosen the wrong hosting.

All sites created with Weblium load quickly by default (90-100 according to Google Page Speed insights tests).

6. Use Popups

In his study, Sean Bestor (Head of Content at Sumo.com) found that on average, pop-ups increase conversion by 3.09%, and correctly developed pop-ups provoke an increase in conversion by 9.28%.

You can effectively use popups to offer users to subscribe to a newsletter, order a call, or fill out an application.

Popups allow you to draw attention, fine-tune the way the window displays, and segment the audience that sees the popup.

With Weblium, you can create and edit pop-ups. Very soon, different popups configuration features will be added.

7. Opt for Responsive Design or Mobile Site Version

By now, about a half of site visitors are mobile users. If you don’t want to lose these visitors, you need to make sure your website is convenient for mobile users.

All Weblium templates have a mobile-first design, so the websites look perfect and work correctly on any existing devices.

8. Create a Chat and Callback Request Form, One-Click Purchase Option and Other Tools

Do not wait till the visitors will contact you – encourage a dialogue first!

It is a good idea to add the chat and/or callback form to your website. Otherwise, the customer may find something unclear and leave your website.

Use “Settings” of the Weblium editor to add the necessary tools (LiveChat, Tawk.to, JIvoSite) in one click to make a communicate with leads and existing customers more effectively.

9. Make the Best of Third-Party Integrations

Increase your sales using convenient messengers!

With amoCRM, you can easily chat with clients, create chatbots with artificial intelligence. and receive more requests.

With Binotel, you can integrate and automate all communication channels with your customers. By adding this widget to your site, you will have the opportunity to receive call requests and increase sales. By the way, you can process all applications directly in your Binotel account.

Weblium offers enough integration options, and you can always add the other things you need by adding the custom code.

10. Replace Your Taglines with CTA Buttons

Buttons are more effective than text as they directly motivate users to perform actions.

A few years ago, AWeber, an American Internet marketing agency, proved that a call to action button is 30% more effective than a usual link.

It’s a good idea to analyze which CTAs work best for your website. For example, Unbounce conducted a study and found that replacing the “Start your free 30-day trial” button with “Start my free 30-day trial” increased the number of clicks by 90%!

Use the Weblium editor to select a ready-made CTA block and then customize it to your liking, change the shape, color, background, font size, etc.

11. Use Social Proof

People will trust you and buy from you if they will see that others had a successful experience buying from your company.  

According to Zendesk, 88% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product. You can use social proof to increase your website’s site conversion. Add information that will convince visitors that your product is worth ordering, for example:

• reviews – it is important to use the real customers’ testimonials;

• list of customers, that are famous people;

• cases;

• photos or videos made by customers who have already used your product;

• the number of companies or people who are already using your product;

• a review of your product or service – it is better to use videos (for example, the famous vlogger discusses the features, reveals the pros & cons);

• a section with links to articles about your company posted on various partner sites;

• awards, membership in niche organizations.

Adding any block in the Weblium editor and customizing its design takes a few minutes, but the effect of unique website design is simply amazing! 

12. Use Videos

According to a Wyzowl survey, 97% of companies reported increased conversions after adding videos to their landing pages.

It is the video that will tell everything about your product: it shows the product from every angle, the way it works, proving it’s useful and effective.

You can effectively use videos to increase the conversion of your online store website:

• add products reviews and show how customers use them;

• shoot short video clips explaining the specific features the product has;

• publish customer video-reviews.

BTW, recently Weblium launched the Site Statistics feature which allows you to track your website’s visitors).

Of course, there’s no need to analyze each visit. Pay attention to entries on important pages (for example, “Services” or “Make an order”). Thus, you will be able to identify obstacles that destroy your conversion rate and think about the ways to improve it.

Of course, the most important competitive advantages of Weblium are still impeccable templates with an ideal structure, created based on an in-depth study of the top sites of different niches, the intuitive visual editor, and the deep design customization options and friendly 24/7 customer support. Create truly unique website designs as simple as it can be using Weblium!

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