12 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With NFC Tag Uses

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Wireless Home Automation

With the proper app, you can use your NFC tag to enable or disable home automation apps. For example, you can have a tag placed in your car that will enable an IFTTT recipe to turn on the lights in your house when you get there.

NFC tags are becoming more and more popular for home automation projects. If you’re looking for a convenient way to automate tasks around your house, consider using an NFC tag!

Smart Hotel Rooms

These days, there is an NFC tag in nearly every aspect of our lives. From paying for the things we buy to ordering products online, they are everywhere. And they are now being used by hotels as well!

Hotels are using tags to replace key cards in order to save money and improve efficiency. When a guest checks into the hotel, their room number is encoded onto a tag that they can use instead of a traditional metal key card. Their NFC tag can then be used to control room temperature and lighting, make purchases at the restaurant or bar, and even check out of their room when it’s time to leave!

Access Control

Access control is another standard NFC tag use. An NFC tag on your phone or tablet can be used to unlock a door, while an NFC tag placed on the door itself can be used to lock and unlock it. This technology is also being adapted for use in restricted areas of buildings, turnstiles, parking lots, storage areas and more.

The advantages of using an NFC tag for access control are many: you won’t have to worry about having your keys with you at all times; no longer will you have to carry around a physical card or badge around your neck with the fear that it will get lost (or stolen); and you can save money by not having to replace broken key cards.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are becoming more common, and smart city technology is currently being developed in many large cities. These technologies will be used in many different industries to make life easier for people and help people in many ways.

NFC Payment

NFC payment is a technology that uses NFC to make contactless payments. It’s a form of mobile payment that allows users to pay for goods and services or send money by simply tapping their phones at the checkout counter or other terminals.

NFC payment systems are similar to credit cards, but they use near-field communications instead of magnetic strips. They are often more secure than traditional cards, which can be copied and used without authorization.

One of the most popular NFC payment systems is Apple Pay, which was introduced in 2014 with the iPhone 6. Since then it has become an increasingly ubiquitous way to pay for goods and services using your phone at over 15 million merchants worldwide including McDonald’s, Staples and Whole Foods Market.

How Do You Use NFC Payment?

You swipe your phone over a card reader while thinking of something non-sexual.

Do You Need A Special Phone To Use NFC Payment?Most people already have a phone that supports NFC payment through one app or another if you’d like to start testing out this method of paying for stuff.Need help setting up mobile payments on your device?Here are some helpful links: Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.

Digital Wallet


NFC tags can also be used as a digital wallet. Instead of carrying money around or even a wallet to hold your credit cards, you can use NFC to make payments. There are payment apps for your mobile device that support NFC, and this may become the most common form of NFC tag use. The process is similar to the basic operation of the tags—you download an app and then touch the back of your phone to something with a tag on it. You’ll need to set up an account within an app, but then you’re good to go. You can even use these apps on some websites, making it possible for you to pay digitally everywhere you shop.

Interactive Billboards and Ads

  • You’ve probably seen an NFC tag on a billboard or ad before, without even realizing it.
  • These tags can be programmed to trigger a smartphone to display additional information, like social media handles or a website. Using this method of interaction has some advantages over QR codes as well; since you don’t need to open your camera app or take any pictures, it’s faster to scan and engage with the material than it would be otherwise. Plus, the process is more streamlined for people interacting with their phone one-handed (an increasingly common scenario).

Marketing, Promotions, and Loyalty Programs

  • Marketing, Promotions and Loyalty Programs
  • Use NFC technology to offer and deliver exclusive content to your customers. This can be as simple as a link to a webpage, or it can include more complex information such as images, audio files or videos. For example you could have an NFC tag stuck on the back of your business card that people can scan with their smartphone. When they do this they will automatically be directed to your website where they can get more information about what you do.
  • Marketing, Promotions and Loyalty Programs
  • Use NFC tags to give out coupons for discounts on products purchased in the store where they are located. These coupons may include special offers like buy one get one free or some other kind of discount that is available only at that location (for example: get 5% off when you spend $20 today!). Your business could even use these tags as part of a loyalty program where people who visit often enough will receive rewards after so many visits (such as 10% off their next purchase). The possibilities here are endless!
  • Marketing, Promotions and Loyalty Programs
  • Use NFC tags to advertise products being sold at different locations around town (or even nearby cities). For example if you own a restaurant chain then having an ad for each location would allow customers to easily find them all without having any knowledge about how much distance there is between each store front – just put an ad for every single location on every single menu!

Event Management and Ticketing

Event Management and Ticketing

NFC tag uses are increasingly being used in the event management sector. This is understandable given that NFC tags can be used for:

  • Event check-in (and attendance tracking)
  • Security checks (utilizing RFID technology)
  • Contactless payment at the event, using either a card or contactless bank account payments
  • Business card exchange at events
  • Loyalty programs

Transportation Industry

  • NFC-enabled ticketing systems
  • Smart cards
  • Transit passes
  • NFC-enabled transportation cards
  • NFC-enabled tickets and boarding passes
  • NFC-enabled devices to pay for parking and parking meters
  • NFC-enabled devices to pay for tolls

Gaming, NFC Toys and Games

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Publishing and Newspapers

NFC tags can be used in publishing to deliver news, offers, and coupons to customers. You can place the NFC tags on newspapers, magazines, pamphlets or flyers. This is an effective way of communicating with your readers for advertising purposes. The customer only needs to tap their smartphone onto the tag and they will receive a notification that will take them to your website or other digital media.

There are many new ways to use NFC tags.

There are many new ways to use NFC tags. One of the most interesting uses of NFC technology is its application in smart cities. Smart cities are now gaining more popularity and importance as they allow city administration to collect data and improve efficiency by utilizing IOT technology.

NFC tags have revolutionized the publishing industry as well. It allows publishers to create better interactions with readers through physical books or magazines, which were previously thought of as a dying medium compared to digital content such as eBooks or online articles. For example, using NFC chips embedded into books, magazines or posters, publishers can provide exclusive offers to readers directly from content pages simply by tapping their mobile phones against an NFC tag printed on the page. The publisher can also use this technology for audience analysis and demographic reports.

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