10 Ways Fiction Is Evolving Every Day

10 Ways Fiction Is Evolving

Evolution is a concept known to everyone. Everything evolves with time and fiction is no different. As time passes by, fiction is also evolving. It is not just an impact of one particular thing, but collectively there are many reasons as to why this is the case.

1. Technology

Technology is the one major reason why fiction is evolving. Fiction writers are ever more reliant on eBooks rather than publishing hard copies of their writing, according to fictionphile.com.

2. Audiobooks

As more and more people are moving away from reading hard copies, audiobooks are an interesting choice to keep the audience engaged with fiction. Readers are now becoming listeners as well. Everyone has access to smart devices where they can store thousands of audiobooks and listen to these at the touch of a button, which gives the author access to more people.

3. Out Of The Box Ideas

Fiction story ideas are becoming more and more interesting, thanks to the ingenuity of the authors imaginations. This leads to a more engaging storyline and for better works of fiction.

4. Science-Fiction

Science fiction has seen a massive growth in popularity over the last few years, which has lead to a lot more works of science fiction being produced.

5. It Is More About Watching Fiction Than Reading

Fiction was limited to writing some 20 to 25 years ago. Fiction is seen by many to be more about movies and TV series than books these days. People prefer to watch fiction-stories-based content rather than reading it.

6. Fiction Is Broader Now

Fantasy, for example, has overlapped the sub-sets of fiction, such as from thrillers, mystery, and romance.

7. Video Games

We are increasingly seeing video games become intertwined with video games. Modern fiction is conveyed in the form of video games using video game mechanics. As the player goes deeper and deeper into the game, the story keeps evolving in a way that a reflects a normal hard copy of fiction.

8. Fiction Is Inspired From Other Regions As Well

Previously, fiction was mostly inspired by a European spectrum of characters. Modern fiction is now broader in the sense of taking inspiration from other regions.

9. Crime-Fiction

Crime-fiction, which is mostly based on thrillers, is also evolving with time. Modern crime-fiction targets the whole world and is not limited to just a few characters in the story.

10. Inspirational Fiction

Modern fiction writers feel that the world needs more inspiration, and they try to convey this to their readers. They try and take the reader out of their own reality and inspire them by narrating extraordinary, inspirational scenes.

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James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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