10 Steps to Make Life Easier When Selling a Comic Book Collection

Did you recently inherit a collection of comic books? Perhaps you were searching through your closet to find a couple of boxes filled with comic books. Or maybe you’re just a collector who has finally decided it’s time to sell. Regardless of your situation, here is a quick and easy-to-understand guide to selling your comic collection.

  1. Try to get a general count on how many comics you have. You don’t need an exact number for the quantity but try to get a general estimate on the size of the collection.

  2. Figure out how old the comics you have are. If they are from the 1980s and newer, they will have a cover price of 60 cents or more. If they are from the 1960s or older, they will have a cover price of 12 cents or less. The older the comics are, the more likely they are to be worth money.

  3. Learn a little about the condition of the comics. You don’t have to become an expert on grading comics. Just note if any of the comics have creases, tears, folds, etc.

  4. Organize the comics if it makes things easier.

  5. Do some research online if possible. This isn’t always necessary. You can always just call a few places for a free comic book appraisal.

  6. Get a game plan on how to sell your collection. If you have a collection of 1980s and newer comics, then it is highly recommended to sell them as one lot. This will allow you to sell all the comics (even the ones with little to no value) in one shot.

  7. Try to find a local comic book buyer for your collection. It will make the process much easier since many can pay cash for your comics (don’t ever mail your comics or accept a check).

  8. If you find any single comics of value consider a big auction house. Please note, that most auction houses want graded comics worth a significant amount of money. They also take between 20-30 percent of the final sale price.

  9. Make sure to keep your expectations low when thinking of a general price for your collection. Extremely high expectations will make things difficult, as you will expect too much and are generally be hesitant to sell the comics unless you get a certain amount. This leads to you being stuck with the collection with no interested buyers.

  10. If you decide to sell your comic collection to a local comic dealer, then be sure to do your research on the buyer. If you find a good buyer, then be sure to have them come to you. DO NOT TAKE YOUR COMIC COLLECTION TO A STORE. A store will most likely make a low offer on your books as they know you will not want to take the collection home with you.

While selling a collection of comics can be a daunting task, there are many steps you can take to make it a little easier on yourself. The most important advice to remember when working with comics (especially a big collection) is to lift the boxes with your legs.

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