10 Reasons Why Malta Is the Perfect Destination for a Vacation

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Malta, a little country in the middle Mediterranean 50 nautical miles from Sicily, is a location that hasn’t made an impression on average American tourists.

It lacks the instant name recognition of well-known tourist destinations like France and Italy, which have long drawn large numbers of Americans. It’s also not the kind of destination you’d stumble into by chance when wandering about Europe on a summer vacation, considering the island’s remote position.

It’s amazing Malta is still so little known considering the 7,000 years of rich and interesting history it has to offer, including ruins connected to the Romans, Moors, and Knights of Saint John (all of whom formerly dominated the island). Here are some of the many, many reasons to visit in more detail.


Just a few of Malta’s historical highlights include mysterious temples from the Neolithic era, a shipwreck by St. Paul in 60 A.D., and hundreds of years of control by the Knights of St. John. The three-island archipelago dates back to the beginning of civilization, and during that time, the Arabs, Normans, and Aragonese all held power over the little country. On the islands, there are additional remnants from the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Romans. Malta is home to some of the world’s oldest freestanding megalithic monuments, some of which are older than Stonehenge. All the way up to modern Malta, which is now a member of the European Union, we have that historical past. These civilizations all came through.

Mediterranean Island

Apart from its lengthy history, Malta is an island in the Mediterranean. In other words, there are many outdoor things to do, ranging from walking and cycling to diving, and it is surrounded by gorgeous water. In fact, scuba divers love the pristine, blue waters that surround the Maltese Islands. Malta has 20 meters of visibility in the sea. There are also many reefs, caverns, and wrecks to explore around. Additionally, there is almost little chance of coming across harmful creatures, making it the ideal environment for novice divers.

Beaches and Bays in Malta

There are several beaches in the Maltese islands for people who prefer a slower pace, including Mellieha Bay, the largest beach on the island (and a great family beach), and Golden Bay, on the northwest coast of Malta.

Always Sunny

The climate of the Maltese Islands is recognized for being pleasant and sunny. There are about 12 hours of sunlight every day. For 200 days. So if you long for sunshine – Malta is the place for you.

Maltese Festivals and Fun

In Malta, there is a notable festival for almost every event and time of year, from the Malta International Arts Festival to the Malta Fireworks Festival. A jazz festival is held in Malta as well. Did we also mention the local festivals that start in May and last through the summer? The island’s communities hold fiestas in honor of their patron saint every weekend during the summer.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Most tourists consider cuisine to be an essential component of the trip, and Malta will not let you down. The diverse cultures that have lived on the islands throughout history are reflected in the cuisine of the country. The end effect has a somewhat eclectic Mediterranean look. Traditional Maltese cuisine is famous for dishes like beef olives and fish pie. The fish market in Marsaxlokk, which is a vivid demonstration of exactly how diverse the fish harvest may be in Maltese seas on Sunday mornings, is a must-see when in the country.

Three in One

Malta, Gozo, and Comino are the three islands that make up this country, which is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily and off the coast of North Africa. Malta is the biggest of the islands, while Gozo, which is recognized as a calm refuge and the cultural and economic hub, is more rural and famous for its fishing industry, tourism, crafts, and agriculture. The smallest and least populated island is Comino.

Affordable Holiday

Here’s a little-known fact: Prices in Malta are often 20% lower than those in mainland Europe. This applies to hotels, restaurants, and everything else. So if you need a budget-friendly trip this is the right place.

Perfect for Exploring

Although Malta has a stunning 7,000 years of history to discover, it is arguable that the island is small enough that traveling around to see everything is really feasible.

It barely has 317 square kilometers. Additionally, as English is the island’s official language, there is no need to worry about a communication gap. Despite the fact that Italian is also commonly spoken if you wish to focus on it.

You can even hire a boat in Malta and make the most out of your holiday.


Although there are continuous discussions with airlines to try to make it possible, it is true that there are no direct flights from the United States to Malta. However, once in Europe, it is a short trip to the island from almost any European major. Any significant hub in Europe, such as London, Paris, or Brussels, has direct flights.

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