10 of the Best Vegan Alternatives to Milk

jug of milk

For those who live a vegan lifestyle then they are going to want to find an alternative. So, if a dairy-free life is something that you are new to, then you might wonder what vegan alternative will work for you. After all, you cannot consume cow’s milk so you need to find something to splash in your tea or on your cereal.

Despite this, you will be pleased to know that there are many alternatives out there but the choice might be overwhelming. Take a walk around a supermarket and you will see that cow’s milk is not the only kind of milk you will find on shelves. What’s more, head to a coffee shop and you will find that they too, will make your favourite hot drink with a splash of milk alternative.

What might also surprise you is the fact that milk consumption is on the decrease and that has meant that vegan alternatives are becoming a popular choice for many. So, if you are vegan and need an alternative then you are  in luck because there are plenty to choose from, so try them all, find what works and never worry about struggling to find a milk alternative again.

Almond Milk

This is one of the most popular options when it comes to vegan alternatives. What’s more, it is also great when used in cookies, drunk on its own or with cereal. It has a load of calcium too, which is important for those who are choosing not to consume cow’s milk although it does not consume that much fibre or protein.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is readily available as an alternative and most supermarkets will offer several types of it. It is full of protein too and it makes a great creamy coffee too. However, it is also extremely versatile which means that it can be used in place of milk without the need to miss out. As it’s a complete protein, soy milk is one of the key protein sources used for vegan protein bars to.

Rice Milk 

This is a refreshing option and it is a lot lighter than the other options on the market. Soy milk won’t work for everyone and so, rice milk is a great alternative and it is extremely low in calories which is always a bonus. It is great when drunk ice cold on its own or it works really well with cereal however, it isn’t creamy which means it might not be a great choice if you want to cook creamy recipes with it. 

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is an option that has really grown in popularity and that is no bad thing. Tasty and nutritious, it is rich in healthy fats and makes a great addition to curries. However, it is strong tasting which means you might want to think about where you use it, especially when it comes to cooking.

Cashew Milk

An extremely creamy option, it is great for those times when you want to add creaminess to a dish or you are looking for something with a lot of protein as it comes packed with it. It is less popular than the other options available and it can cost more. 

Hemp Milk

Rich in calcium, it is a great option for those who worry that they might not get calcium from elsewhere. It is ideal for adding to smoothies but it is not as thick and creamy as other options while it is not so sweet.

Hazelnut Milk

Tasty and delicious, it comes in a range of flavours and is great in coffee. If you are looking for an everyday kind of milk then this won’t be it because of its flavour but it will add plenty of taste to certain dishes.

Oat Milk

There is no saturated fat in oat milk which makes it ideal for those who want to keep an eye on their diet. It is also sweet which makes it perfect for cake baking and sweet treats. It is low in calories too, and supermarkets are now realising that this is a real alternative to milk.

Flax Milk

Unlike traditional milk which is full of fat and cholesterol, flax milk offers something different. What’s more, it is also packed with omega-3 fatty acids which are great for improving cognitive function. For those who are looking for protein, they won’t get it here but they will get a good serving of calcium. It also has a thinner consistency when compared to other milks on the market.

Pea Milk

Pea Milk might sound unusual but it is the best vegan alternative out there which means that it is extremely good for you. It has a load of protein, omega-3s and calcium and it is low in calories. Not as popular as the other options and so, you might find that you have to look hard to find it anywhere.

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