10 Health Hazards Of Using Smartphones

The smartphone is one of the innovative and creative inventions of this century. It has brought a revolution in communication, information technology, business, and routine lives. People are now much more advanced in their approach than they were ever before. In addition to its benefits, there are a number of harms to overall health and well-being.

Health Hazards Of Using Smartphones

Though the invention of the smartphone has revolutionized lifestyle, it has also posed mankind with numerous health hazards. It negatively affects health with bad influences on mental well-being, social disconnect, posture and eyesight problems, and many others. Let us review some more negative effects of smartphones

  1. Electronic Interference

Studies show that smartphones can interfere with medical devices. These devices can include artificial cardiac pacemakers and hearing aids. This is because smartphones emit electromagnetic energy, and they can easily interfere with electronic medical devices such as pacemakers.

Its interference may intrude on the proper functioning of pacemakers. It can cause to stop stimulating the pulse, irregular pulse and deliver the fixed pulse. Other medical devices which are affected by smartphones are ventilators, cardiac and ECG monitors, and hearing aids.

  1. Damage To Eyes

Human eyes are very delicate organs. Smartphones and screens of other digital devices emit too much blue light (short-wavelength light). This can have much harm to the eyes. It affects the cornea, eye lens and negatively influences vision. It puts unnecessary strain on the eyes.

The blue light coming from smartphones can also kill photoreceptors in the retina. People using smartphones and other digital screens seldom blink their eyes during usage, which also puts an immense strain on the eye. It also causes eye irritation and might lead to a headache.

  1. Social Disconnect

Social connections are important to psychological well-being. According to a study, it is an even more important predictor of good health than other physical aspects. Social connection can help to reduce anxiety and depression. It can also increase empathy and self-esteem in a personality.

Smartphones have created a sort of disconnection, even being close to each other. This is because a smartphone is a major distraction even when people are communicating and interacting with each other. This social disconnection has put human health at risk.

  1. Increased Cancer Risk

A number of studies are made in an attempt to find the relation between smartphones and cancer. Smartphones emit radio waves. These radio waves getting into the body increase the risk factor of tumors. Tumors are abnormal cell growths and the main cause of cancer.

Not just brain tumors, it can also increase the risk of salivary glands tumor. This makes smartphones a major contributor leading towards cancer. Limiting smartphone use can help reduce the risks of having cancer.

  1. Night Surfing On Smartphones

Every individual owns a smartphone nowadays. Night surfing on smartphones is excessively common among youngsters and teenagers. The corporate sector is not behind. Smartphones are also used for a number of business tasks and meetings.

As discussed, smartphones emit radio waves which are bad for the eyes and brain. It also interferes with sleep patterns. Blue light inhibits melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and makes it difficult to sleep. Sleep deprivation can raise many health problems.

  1. Text Neck Syndrome

The neck in the human body supports the head. Using smartphones excessively can put immense pressure on the spine and neck. This could result in neck strain, back pain, sharp sensation of pain over the neck region. In some severe cases, it can result in reduced mobility, headache, and shoulder pain.

Physiotherapy can prove helpful with the Text Neck problem. It may allow restoring muscle imbalance and natural posture.

  1. Mental Health Issues

Excessive use of smartphones gives rise to many mental illnesses. Most commonly, it increases anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are linked with other bad habits such as alcohol and drug abuse. This further aggravates the effect.

A study conducted on university students found support for this relation. Addiction, whether it is of smartphone or alcohol, is bad for well-being. A way out to this issue is through treatment. Are you worried about the cost? Know whether your health insurance covers rehabilitation or not and feel relaxed.

  1. Germs

The smartphone is an easy way for germs to spread around. Research shows that everything that we have in our hands is also on the phone we hold. It makes a smartphone germ device. Washing hands more frequently can help in getting away from germs, but what about smartphones. How often do we clean our phones?

It is an easy way for germs to get into the bodies and cause diseases and problems. Ranging from bacteria to some deadly virus such as COVID-19, germs can easily spread through smartphones.

  1. Texting Thumb

It is very common; America reports about 2 million cases per year. Mainly it occurs due to excessive use of smartphones. It is a painful condition that results from repetitive movement of the thumb. It causes a sharp pain around the wrist and small tendons of the thumb.

Over long-duration, Text thumb can eventually result in thumb arthritis. It is a condition of severe pain and decreased hand motion. Your physician may refer to some therapy and exercise to get relief.

  1. Deathly Accidents

Using a smartphone while driving the car can increase the risk of coming across a life-threatening accident. According to an estimate, about 26% of car crashes result from phone usage during a drive. It is quite alarming. No matter how important it is but smartphone users should always be avoided during a drive.

This happens because it diverts the attention. A delay of 5 sec can take your life. Always avoid taking phone calls, hear voice messages, and send text messages while you are driving.

Take Away

Inventions are made to make life easier and effortless. It depends on you that how you use it. Smartphones have countless benefits. Using it wisely and appropriately can allow you to attain most of its benefits and staying away from its hazards.

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